3 Effects of Weight Gain on Confidence

Anyone who has ever experienced weight gain knows the effects it can have on your self confidence. When you look and feel good, your confidence soars. On the flip side, when you gain weight you tend not to feel at your best, which leads to feelings of self-consciousness and self-doubt. Besides staying physically healthy, feeling confident and happy with yourself is an important reason to try not to gain weight. Here are some of the effects weight gain has on your confidence.

1. Feel Less Comfortable in Your Clothes

There’s nothing more amazing than the feeling you get when you put on your favorite outfit and it fits perfectly. As silly as it sounds, having a closet full of clothes that fit can do wonders to your self esteem. Trying to squeeze into that pair of jeans that used to fit, but now are a bit too snug due to weight gain, generally doesn’t lead to feelings of self confidence. It’s one thing to not feel confident in skimpy swimwear or lingerie, it’s another to feel self conscious in your everyday work clothes because they don’t lay flat like they used to. The desire to feel good in your skin–and your clothes–may be just the motivation you need to drop those pounds you’ve gained.

2. Too Much Thinking

When you’ve gained weight, it’s hard not to be more self aware and conscious of how you look. Instead of being completely relaxed and carefree when out with friends or when doing your favorite activities, you feel like you’re being judged–even if you’re the one doing all of the judging in your head (which you most likely are!) Life’s about having fun, not about being concerned about your appearance and feeling self conscious all of the time. If you find yourself absorbed with negative thoughts and feelings about your appearance, try to focus your energy on changing the things you can control. Weight gain have you feeling not-so-confident? Skip the next margarita with your friends or go for a walk the next morning. Confidence comes from feeling like you’re in control.

3. Lack of Confidence in Your Appearance

Putting your best face forward leads to excelling in everything you do. Dressing well for work makes you more productive, and looking the part wherever you go gives you the confidence to be successful. If you’ve gained weight and don’t feel good about yourself, it can translate into other areas of your life. If weight gain has you feeling frumpy and lazy, your professional life may be affected. Your personal relationships can be affected as well. When you’re not happy with yourself, it shows and others can feel it.

Know that weight gain is not the end of the world. It’s completely reversible, and the feelings of low confidence you are experiencing are only temporary. As soon as you being making strides toward a healthier you, you’ll start seeing your confidence increase.


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