3 Effects of Obsessing over Weight Loss

A large number of people are on a weight loss plan, and reaching a healthy weight is a very admirable goal. It takes dedication, motivation, and hard work. However, a problem arises if you get to the point where you begin to obsess over weight loss. Here’s a look at some of the effects of obsessing over weight loss.

1. Development of Unhealthy Habits

If you’re totally obsessed with weight loss, you may develop unhealthy habits that are all based on that number on the scale. You may drop your calories to a level that is too low for healthy weight loss, totally eliminate certain food groups such as fats or carbohydrates, exercise excessively or even take dangerous weight-loss supplements. Engaging in these activities may make that number on the scale drop, but the drop may be due to the loss of water weight or the loss of muscle tissue. The elimination of certain food groups can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Optimal weight loss is the loss of excess body fat only, which cannot be measured by the scale alone. Better indicators would be body measurements taken with a tape measure or body fat calculations using a caliper. Reduction of body fat can only be achieved through a sensible balanced diet and regular exercise, and though it may take more time, your body will thank you for taking the healthier road to weight loss.

2. Alienation of Family and Friends

To a large number of people, socializing involves food in some form. Whether it is a casual gathering, a formal dinner party or even a business meeting, there is usually some type of food involved. Snack items, finger food, drinks or complete meals may be served at practically every function. If you’re obsessed with weight loss, chances are that you will be analyzing all of the food that is offered, and you may even choose not to eat. In some instances, if you don’t accept the food that is prepared and offered, you may offend the ones who planned the gatherings.

If you become overly obsessed, you may even begin to turn down invitations to dinners, parties or casual get-togethers. This could seriously affect your relationships, because after a while, your friends may stop inviting you to events, thinking that you will refuse. The best option is to accept that invitation to the restaurant and choose the healthiest option on the menu. You could even forgo your diet for one evening while you attend a dinner party and simply enjoy the evening.

3. Body Image

Although reaching a healthy weight is a very admirable goal, an obsession with weight loss can lead to a negative body image. If you’re constantly focusing on weight loss, you’ll be telling yourself that your body is not good enough. Instead of obsessing over weight loss, it is better to maintain a healthy eating plan and moderate exercise, and learn to love yourself, no matter what your weight.


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