3 Effective Mirror Placements for Weight Loss

Achieving weight loss can be a difficult and time consuming process–and often, women who are trying to lose weight are afraid to look in the mirror. But did you know that you can actually use your mirror in your quest to lose weight? Here are three good strategic places to put a mirror on to help you lose weight.

On the Refrigerator

This is one of the best places you can place a mirror in order to achieve maximum weight loss. Research has found that people who are overweight eat higher quantities of food out of boredom, stress, or due to another reason entirely. Therefore, placing a mirror on your refrigerator may remind you of your current weight each time you head to the refrigerator. This may help you to reconsider what you are choosing to eat. You may either choose a healthier snack than what you originally had in mind, or, what’s even better, you may forgo the snack altogether.

On the Wall of Your Shower

The wall of your shower is another great place to put a mirror if you are interested in achieving weight loss. While this may seem to be the most outlandish or even cruelest place for the mirror, it may be the most effective. Seeing yourself naked, in your entirety and close up, may create a resolve in you to lose weight. What’s better is that if you actually do begin to lose weight, seeing yourself naked will probably only encourage you more. You’ll start to see the changes, begin to enjoy how great you are starting to look, and feel the desire to lose even more weight. If possible, place a full length mirror in the shower. This will give you a view of your entire body. This will not only be helpful in the initial stages of trying to motivate yourself to lose weight, but once the pounds actually do begin falling off, it will allow you to see the weight changes in spots that might otherwise be difficult to view with a smaller mirror.

In Your Closet

This is an obvious place to put a mirror, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still not a great location. Putting a mirror in your closet is similar to placing one in your shower. Initially, you will see the stark reality behind your weight. Perhaps your clothes don’t fit the way you want them to, or you can’t buy cute clothes that you like. Hopefully, this will spur you to lose weight, and once you do actually begin to lose weight, having a mirror in your closet will be great! You’ll get to see how great your new body looks in all types of clothes.


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