3 Effective Family Exercise Games

Doing family exercise can be a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can be anything from playing tag to walking in the park with your spouse and kids. However, with a busy schedule, you may be one of those who tends to forget the value of exercise. Technology and media eat into time that should otherwise be spent with your family. Work can also grab the quality time that you should be spending with your kids.

Reinventing Traditional Exercise Games

So how do you keep your kids healthy while you burn a couple of calories yourself? You can make up games from exercise routines or traditional activities that you used to play when you were a kid. Here are three family exercise games that can be done either indoors or outdoors.

1. Jumping Jack Games

A jumping jack is easy to do. You can transform this simple exercise into an exciting game by selecting who gets to do the most jumping jacks, who jumps the highest or who claps the loudest. You can even conduct a relay by having each member of two teams run from one end of the room to the other, do five or more jumping jacks and then race back to the starting position. By altering the jumping jack routine, your kids’ competitive spirit is developed while they get the full benefits of a cardiovascular exercise, and as they work out their bones and muscles, too.

2. Jump Rope Games

When you were a kid, you probably played with a jump rope either on your own or with friends. If you still have one kept somewhere in your house, now’s the perfect time to look for it to be used for a fun exercise activity with your family. Have a contest to see who gets to skip for the longest time. You can also form two teams composed of two members each, and then have one team hold both ends of the rope while the other team does the jumping. It’s a sure way to sweat and lose extra pounds. It can also be a great test of coordination skills.

3. Games Using Hula Hoops

Conduct an improvised game using several hula hoops. To do this, form two teams with equal numbers. For each team, line up at least five hula hoops on the ground. Have each member of both teams jump from one hula hoop to another, then race back to the starting position.

You can also try conducting a racecourse using two hula hoops. Again, form two teams with the same number of members. Ask the members of both teams to line up, and then give a hula hoop to the first member of each team. Both first members must roll the hula hoop up to a certain point, race back to the starting position and pass the hula hoop to the next member. The team that finishes the course first wins the game.


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