3 Easy Ways to Cook with the Best Super Foods

As obesity and instances of heart disease continue to rise, more and more people are beginning to cook with super foods, such as olive oil, sweet potatoes and fish. Here are three easy ways to cook with the top super foods.

1. Saute with Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only one of the healthiest foods available, but it is also extremely easy to cook with. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fats, and therefore can be used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease and even prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s often used best as a base for sauteed foods. To use olive oil when sauteing, start by pouring a small amount of the oil into a frying pan that has been placed over medium-high heat. Allow the oil to heat, and then place the meat or vegetable that you’re cooking into the oil. When the food has finished cooking, remove it from the oil and serve.

2. Boil and Mash Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another food that is high in a number of important vitamins and minerals. In addition, sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, which unlike regular baking potatoes means that they can aid in weight loss, diabetes management and stroke prevention. In order to achieve more health benefits when it comes to cooking with sweet potatoes, try mashing them. To do this, start by peeling the tough outer skin from the potatoes. Use a sharp knife to cut them into evenly sized cubes, approximately one inch in size. Place the cut pieces of potato into a large pot containing boiling water. Allow the potatoes to cook until they are fork tender, and drain. Mash using a potato masher or a fork, and serve.

3. Grill Fish

Fish is gaining more and more notoriety as a great source of healthy fats. Though fats are often seen as a food to be avoided, unsaturated fats, such as those found in fish (and olive oil) are extremely important for good health. In order to cook fish and keep the nutritional content, try using a grill. If your fish has not yet been cleaned, do so, and season with a small amount of olive oil and the herbs and spices of your choice. Place over a grill that has been heated to medium heat, and place the fish on the oiled grill. Cook until the juices of the fish run clear, being sure to flip midway through the cooking. Grilling not only imparts a delicious flavor to the fish that can be difficult to achieve with other cooking methods, but also does not require high amounts of cooking oils or fats.


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