3 Easy Ways to Cook with Enova Oil

Many people recognize olive oil as a healthy fat, and therefore use it every day during cooking. There is another kind of oil, called Enova oil, that may produce the same health benefits as olive oil. And what’s even better, Enova oil can help you lose weight!

Enova oil is a new type of cooking oil that originated in Japan, and is a combination of soy and canola oils. Enova oil is unique from other types of oil in that research has found that when consumed, it is transported directly to the liver and burned for energy, unlike other types of fat, which are typically first stored and then used for energy as a last resort. This is very exciting for individuals who are concerned about weight loss, as it provides a way to use oil in cooking without having the negative weight gain often associated with it. Here are three easy ways to cook with Enova oil.

1. In Salad Dressing

You can incorporate Enova oil into your salad dressing. A basic recipe for vinaigrette often involves combining olive oil with balsamic vinaigrette, and then pouring over your salad. Enova oil can be easily substituted for olive oil in this recipe. If you feel you want something a little extra, stir in some chopped basil, rosemary or any other herbs that you prefer. These will add a little zing to a traditional dressing.

2. As a Dip for Bread

People often used thick slices of bread coated with butter as an appetizer for their evening meal. While this may taste good, butter is loaded with saturated fat which can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke and even death. The next time you’re considering using bread and butter as an appetizer, ditch the butter tray and try Enova oil instead. Pour a small amount of the oil into a small sauce, and sprinkle with red pepper flakes, crushed garlic, or other herbs and spices. Encourage your guests to use the oil as a dipping sauce for the bread. You’ll love the taste!

3. For Use in Frying Food

Enova oil can be used to fry meats, vegetables and other products without the health risks associated with frying in butter or traditional types of butter. Be aware that Enova oil has a lower smoking temperature than vegetable or corn oil, and therefore you may have to fry your food at a lower temperature in order to get the proper results. With a little trial and error, you’ll become a pro at frying with Enova oil.


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