3 Easy and Effective Bikram Yoga Positions

Bikram Yoga, also called Hot Yoga, helps with weight loss as it raises the heart rate and makes you sweat. Warm muscles burn fat more easily. Bikram is the most intense form of yoga and consists of 26 poses and two breathing exercises. These exercises are performed in 90 minutes, in a room where the temperature is approximately 105 degrees. A Bikram class is recommended for those who want learn the entire series of poses. An instructor will help you learn proper form, and the series of postures to get the most from your workout. Here are three Bikram yoga positions that are easy and effective for the beginner. 

1. The Sitting Position

The sitting position is the easiest and most relaxing yoga pose. This pose is simple and all it requires is taking a seat on your yoga mat. Sit with your legs crossed, and your hands on your knees. Even though this doesn’t seem difficult, it does have benefits. It helps you concentrate your breathing, increase strength in your lower back, and adjust your hip and groin area to better support the rest of your body.

2. Mountain Pose

Begin by standing on the mat with your toes touching and your heels a bit apart. Lift your toes and move them so that they are parallel to each other. Make sure that your thigh muscles are firm as you lift your knee and press your shoulder blades into your back. Keep your arms by your side; lift the top of your torso as if you’re reaching for the ceiling. Inhale and exhale deeply for 15 counts, and then switch knees. This pose is simple but it does have benefits such as improving your posture, balance and body awareness.

3. Half Moon Pose

This pose starts out like the mountain pose. However, instead of lifting your knees, you stretch your arms over your head and place your palms together. Then, slowly curve your upper torso to one side, and hold while you change poses to stretch to the opposite side. This pose has many benefits, such as firming and trimming the waistline, thighs, hips, abdominals and buttocks. It also increases flexibility of the spine.

Bikram Yoga not only acts as a weight loss tool, but is also beneficial to the body in other ways. Bikram allows your body systems, such as your digestive, endocrine, respiratory and lymphatic systems, to work in harmony with the rest of your body. This results in a more normal appetite, which means fewer cravings for unhealthy foods. Because Bikram yoga is performed in a hot room, it also helps detoxify your body as you sweat. Since Bikram poses are done in a heated environment, it is challenging and helps increase your will power and mental strength as well as your body. To gain the most from yoga, you need to learn to perform postures correctly. It is best to consult an instructor, videos and books on posture to learn to do all of them correctly.


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