3 Earth Friendly Health Tips

Being earth friendly is not as complicated as some may fear when they hear the phrase: reduce, reuse and recycle. When it comes to our personal health, it can sometimes be shocking to see how closely related the health of our bodies is related to the health of our environment. Likewise, the choices that we make everyday effect both our personal health and the world immediately around us (and the earth at large). Make an effort to make smarter choices for your own health, then see it ricochet to help the planet.

1. Travel by Foot

Get on your feet. One of the best things that you can do is simply walk to the convenient store or ride your bike. When you’re going only a short distance, consider walking, riding your bike or sharing a ride with a friend who is also going in the same direction. Taking public transportation when possible also goes a long way to cutting down on one’s carbon footprint. You will reap the benefits of an aerobic workout from walking, biking, jogging or running; the earth will benefit as well.

2. Meatless Mondays

Support farmers around you and help cut down on massive production of meat. Meatless Mondays is a popular campaign, supported by celebrities and environmentalists, applauding those who give up meat for even a day. The effects are great. If everyone in the world was vegetarian, there would actually be enough food in the world to feed everybody. Meat costs a lot on many levels, especially in how much it taxes the earth. Also, health-wise, going vegetarian can really help your body. If you are unable to go completely vegetarian, eating vegetarian meals at least half the week can go along way to helping the planet and your body.

3. Reuse and Recycle

It’s also important to reuse things in your life, as well as recycle them. There are ways that you can reuse items that can also benefit for your health. For example, reuse old soda bottles as weights, rather than wasting money and resources on dumbbells. A small choice, but something that can add up if many people do so. Build a compost pile in your backyard or designated area of your apartment building (with permission, of course). Composting can benefit the earth, keep trash out of dumps, naturally recycle food and help you feel better as well.

Think of this philosophy when eating at restaurants, too. You can get two meals out of the typical restaurant servings, which are much larger than restaurant portions were decades ago. By taking a doggie bag home, you can feed yourself twice. By only eating until you’re full, not until your plate is clean, your waistline will show the difference; your health will benefit. It can ricochet and help planet earth, by avoiding waste.


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