3 Different Types of Online Weight Loss Programs

With so many online weight loss programs available, finding one that works is fast becoming a difficult task. Weight loss programs have come a long way from the traditional working out at the gym or just eating healthier. It’s become one of the main reasons why a good number of people go online. They search endlessly for that one program that will help them lose the extra pounds. Here are different types of online weight loss programs that have worked for others and may work for you.

1. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is one of the biggest weight loss programs available online and off. This program promotes healthy eating, dieting and exercise by providing a line of delicious foods, drinks and desserts. The Jenny Craig program works well because it offers online support to help clients meet their weight loss goals. Once you sign on with this program, they design meal and exercise plans that cater to your specific needs. They take the guessing game out of where to begin.

Jenny Craig also provides highly trained consultants and program options that you can choose from. The options offer different food choices that include protein bars, milk shakes, vegetables and meats. Desserts designed to ward off hunger and help you lose weight are included as well. Membership to Jenny Craig is available online and it explains how the program works to help individuals lose the weight and keep it off.

2. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers hit the scene more than 40 years ago. This innovative company offered new options for losing weight by providing delicious food and support. The online program consists of recipes, community forums and meal ideas. The Weight Watcher program sticks with you until you reach your goals. The programs measure food on a point system. These points help you keep track of what you’re eating so that you don’t overeat.

Weight Watchers has meetings available in a good number of states. The meetings come in affordable packages that you pay for online. You also meet others who are struggling to lose weight and become healthy. Membership requires monthly fees.

3. Slim Fast

Slim Fast allows you to choose a plan through the website. Your plan includes smart eating, exercise and online support. Slim Fast offers a large number of products both online and in stores. The products are high in nutrients and come in many varieties. Choose from snacks, meal replacement drinks and meals. Once you register with the company, all you need to lose weight and maintain it is in one convenient place. There are forums to discuss your progress and online tools to assist you.

Membership, web access and forums to Slim Fast are free, but you can order products through a few select and trusted sites. Also purchase Slim Fast products in large grocery stores or retail outlets around the United States.

Losing weight is a big step and you don’t have to do it alone. There are many additional online weight loss programs, but these three are the most successful and trusted.


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