3 Day Tuna Diet Side Effects

The 3-day tuna diet has been online and is often said to be recommended by different weight loss clinics or doctors. It is not known where the diet got started, but no hospital or doctor has ever been known to recommend it.

The 3-day tuna diet is, as the name states, a 3-day plan that does not only entail eating tuna, but a variety of healthy foods. However, the amount of foods that you are given to eat will most likely leave you hungry, as the portions are very small.

The 3 biggest side effects of the 3-day tuna diet include:

1.     Extreme Hunger

This diet only delivers about 1000 calories daily (not  enough sustenance to function properly). With a lunch offering only 200 calories, and other meals not offering much more, this diet is bound to leave you very hungry and cranky throughout the 3 days.

2.     Losing Only Water Weight

Any diet that limits your caloric intake will in turn produce some weight loss, but with this type of weight loss, it will generally be mostly water loss. Most of this weight will return quickly once you start eating normally again.

3.     Health Risks

This type of diet can pose risks to anyone with a history of heart disease or an eating disorder. If you have either of these conditions, or any other underlying health problems, you should consult with your doctor before you try any specific diet.

As many people have learned after years of trying to control their weight, easy and quick results aren’t really possible. Choosing a healthy diet and exercising over a long period of time is always the safest and best way to lose weight and keep it off. 


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