3 Day Diet Decisions: Grapefruit or Cabbage

There is a lot of hope put on the success of a 3 day diet, and this is why both the cabbage soup diet and the grapefruit diet are quite popular. The problem is that these types of crash diets are not healthy for your body, and they can often have negative effects on your long term weight loss goals.

Before you consider any 3 day diet, you should analyze the possible side effects. With that said, if you feel it is a step you want to take, you will have to decide which 3 day diet is best for you. Here is a quick look and the pros and cons of both the cabbage soup diet and grapefruit diet:

Pros of the Grapefruit Diet

This diet is fantastic if you are a big grapefruit fan. Grapefruit is known for having no fat whatsoever, being low in calories and possessing very little sodium. Coffee is encouraged on the diet, so it works well if you are an avid coffee junkie. There is no calorie counting or difficult calculations to work with, and there is the possibility for quick weight loss.

Cons of the Grapefruit Diet

This diet will not work well if you do not like grapefruit. The low calorie intake and pressure to drink a lot of caffeine can be quite dangerous, and increase chances of cardiac problems.This also does not work well if you are on prescription medication. The diet is very low in fiber, protein, and other important vitamins

There are quite a few different variations of the grapefruit diet, including different meal choices. The belief is that grapefruit has a good amount of fat-burning enzymes, but most of the weight loss will come from the lack of calories ingested throughout the day.

Pros of the Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet presents the opportunity to lose weight quickly, and there are no limits in terms of how much food you can eat.

Cons of the Cabbage Soup Diet

The diet is very low in a number of necessary nutrients, thus it should never be done for longer than 3 days. The quick fix diet doesn’t allow you to improve your eating habits over the long term, and it is hard to keep the weight loss off after the diet. The excessive amount of cabbage can produce extra flatulence, and some dieters notice dizziness and a weak feeling during the diet.

Even if you simply love the taste of cabbage (and need to shed a few pounds quickly), you will find that the weak feeling and lack of nutrition is not worth it in the long run. While there are variations of the cabbage 3 day diet, the added vegetables and food choices still do not provide enough nutrition.

In the end, it is quite difficult to choose which 3 day diet is better, cabbage soup or grapefruit. There is more opportunity to eat foods that have balanced nutrition on the grapefruit diet, but there is still a severe lack of caloric intake. No matter how you look at it, a 3 day diet is not the way to go about losing weight. As suggested by many nutritionists, and even the Mayo Clinic, you should stick to a long term, healthy diet and mix in some much needed exercise.


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