3 Dairy Products to Eliminate from Your Diet

While dairy products are touted as a necessary means of consuming enough calcium and other nutrients, they are also full of fat, calories and many times, synthesized hormones. There are healthy alternatives to many of the dairy products on the market today that will allow you to enjoy the foods you love at a fraction of the calories and fat of their counterparts. Although you can simply opt for low fat and fat free versions of dairy foods like cheese and yogurt, there are some dairy products you might want to consider avoiding altogether.

1. Milk

Dairy milk is high in fat and cholesterol, loaded with calories and has unnecessary chemicals and hormones added to it. There are organic varieties and other brands dedicated to offering hormone free milk, but the fact is that there are so many alternatives that drinking cow’s milk simply isn’t necessary. Soy milk has been a popular option for many years, but there are multiple other tasty products to choose from as well.

Almond milk, rice milk and even hemp milk are all viable and can be used in the same way cow’s milk is used. They are all free of cholesterol and have very little saturated fat, so they’re a heart healthy choice. You can even make your own nut milks at home by blending soaked nuts with water (four parts water to one part nuts) and then straining the liquid.

2. Butter

Butter contains unneeded cholesterol and saturated fat. In fact, it doesn’t provide the body with much more than these things, both of which should be avoided whenever possible. Instead of using butter, consider using margarine in your recipes and on your food. It tastes great on potatoes, toast and anywhere else you would normally use butter.

Because margarine is made using hearty healthy vegetable oils, there is less saturated fat content and more of the good fats found in it. However, margarine is still on the high side when it comes to calories and fat, so it should be used in moderation. In fact, you want to use it very sparingly and consider using alternatives when possible. For example, skip the jelly when having toast and use a fruit spread only. Save the margarine for foods that you are indulging in, as you will probably enjoy it more that way.

3. Sour Cream

Sour cream might be a tasty addition to baked potatoes and other delectable dishes, but it’s also responsible for contributing to calories and fat that aren’t healthy. There are light and fat free versions found on the market, but eliminating sour cream from your diet altogether leaves more room for real sustenance in your diet.

The more nutrients you provide your body, the healthier and stronger it can be, so cut out these kinds of dairy products and indulge in a fruit parfait after dinner, or a smoothie made with chocolate and peanut butter instead. It will leave you fuller, provide you with more nutrients and keep you leaner in the long run.


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