3 Collagen Enhancing Treatments for Your Budget

Collagen is a fibrous, long-stranded protein that is naturally found in the skin and connective tissues. This protein is necessary in creating protective and connecting tissues in the body for proper functioning. Found in fibrils that are then stacked into layers which form the skin, collagen is the very thing that provides smoothness and tautness. As a person ages, the production of collagen in the body reduces, resulting in the skin becoming wrinkled and sagging. Because of this property, collagen has important cosmetic usage. There are three main types of collagen enhancing treatments that differ according to the budget.

1. Creams

Collagen from skin and bones of various animal sources is isolated and hydrolyzed, creating a product known as hydrolyzed collagen. This is what’s generally found in most types of collagen products, including shampoos, soaps and makeup. This is most commonly made into beauty creams, and these cost something in the regions of $100 to $500 each. These creams contain collagen that will replace the protein that is lacking in the skin. When applied, the collagen in the cream fixes the gaps in the collagen of the skin. However, the effectiveness of these creams is debated, and many women experience vastly different results.

2. Injections

Another popular type of collagen enhancing treatment are collagen injections, and these generally cost a bit more than the creams. Collagen injections are typically dermal fillers, and are injected below the surface of the skin to fill in the gaps that are created by wrinkles and scars. These treatments are more effective that creams, largely due to the fact that the amount of collagen used is much larger and the collagen is injected directly under the layers of skin. The procedure is slightly on the high side, and professional beauty salons and clinics are known to charge up to thousands of dollars for an injection. Each injection is non-surgical and completed very quickly – some are as fast as 15 minutes to half an hour. These are the very factors that make this treatment very popular among women.

3. Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a relatively new method of collagen enhancement. Laser treatment is designed to stimulate the production of collagen by the body itself. By passing the laser over the skin, the cells that produce the protein are stimulated to produce more natural collagen, leaving the skin more refreshed than before and therefore younger looking. This form of treatment tends to be very expensive, and can be slightly more time consuming. Each round of treatment takes about 15 minutes to complete, but results are only visible after four to five sessions. The effects of this treatment tend to be more long lasting than the rest, and it is a good alternative to those allergic to synthetic collagen.


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