3 Calisthenics Exercises that Tone Your Arms

Calisthenics consist of simple, yet effective, movements, without the use of weights, designed to keep the upper body in shape as well as increase flexibility. Using the body as it’s own resistance is key to this type of exercise, and it is easy to think of a few calisthenic exercises, especially since just about everyone has done them. The first that comes to mind for most is jumping jacks or maybe push-ups.

When you want to keep your arms toned and in great shape, calisthenics are a perfect way to accomplish this goal. There are a number of exercises you can do, without the need of expensive equipment, to have great toned arms. One thing you always want to do before exercising is a bit of stretching to loosen and warm up the muscles you are about to work. This will prevent damage to the muscles and increase the effectiveness of the exercises.

Here are three calisthenic exercises designed to tone your arms:

1. Push Ups

This particular exercise is well know; however, many people do not do them correctly. This movement will tone your arms, as well as your stomach area.

Start by laying on the floor, or mat, with your feet together. Place your hands about shoulder width apart and push yourself up to the op position. At this spot, your legs should be straight as should your back and arms. During this exercise, always keep your head looking forward and not down. Lower yourself until you are about 4-6 inches off the ground. Push back up to the top position in the same manner. Repeat this movement 10 times for 3 sets.

2. Chair Lifts

This exercise will work your arms, specifically the bicep and the tricep muscles. All you need is a chair.

Sitting on the chair, make sure it does not have rollers and is sturdy; place your feet flat on the floor and your hands around the bottom of the seat. Extend your legs straight out and keep them straight. Using your arms, lift yourself off the seat and back down slowly. Keep your back straight the whole time, otherwise you won’t get tht full benefits. Repeat this movement 10 times for 3 sets.

If you find it too difficult at first to keep your legs straight, keep them bent until you are able to keep them straight.

3. Planks

This is a very simple exercise, which requires nothing additional at all. This particular exercise does not involve any movement, aside from getting into position, but it is a holding position exercise designed to specifically tone your arms, abs and back. The arms in this case are stabilizer muscles.

Lie down on the ground, or mat, with legs extended and feet together. Using your forearms in front of you, place your hands next to each other and raise up on the forearms and toes into what looks like a push-up top position. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds, and keep the legs and back straight at all times. Do this in groups of 3.

While there are other ways to work the arms, involving weights or other equipment, these simple calisthenic exercises can do the same job easily and effectively. In less then 20 minutes each day, you can get toned arms using calisthenics.


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