3 Body Wraps for Weight Loss

Weight loss body wraps are one way to shed a bit of weight and refresh yourself with a little pampering time. Body wraps can be used for weight loss because they help break down fat and shed excess water weight. While wearing a body wrap, make sure you’re drinking a good supply of water to replenish lost fluids and keep your body flushing out the toxins. As the fat is broken down you will also lose more fluids. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a day at the spa or do a body wrap in the comfort of your own home, there are a variety of weight loss body wraps for you to choose from.

1. Home Kits

Home body wrap kits offer similar results as in the spa, without the price tag and inconvenience of booking an appointment. Weight loss body wrap home kits are available online or in some health and beauty stores. The price is moderate and included is the cotton wrap, vinyl spa suit and instructions. Since the wrap and suit can be difficult to get on correctly by yourself, you may want to have someone help you. To ensure the maximum results, make sure the wrap is tight enough to be firmly pressed against the skin, but you shouldn’t feel pinching or shortness of breath. For better results, consider using essential oils or creams to tighten and moisturize your skin.

2. Natural Wraps

Natural body wraps are wraps you can put together at home without using a purchased home kit. There are a few things you’ll still need to purchase if you don’t have them on hand. Thin towels are best for a wrap. The general rule is that the more absorbent the towels are, the more inches lost, though this will result in drier skin for the first couple of days after you do a body wrap. Here’s what you’ll need: clay, sea or Epsom salt, herbs or essential oils (optional), and a wetting agent like apple cider vinegar or whole milk powder with water.

3. Spa Wraps

A day at the spa is always welcome in a busy woman’s life. Most spas and wellness centers have someone who has experience with weight loss body wraps. This is a great method because you have a technician with experience and you don’t have to worry about the wrap being applied improperly. You can also just lay back and relax while you melt fat away, release toxins and tighten your skin.

Weight loss body wraps are a great way to break down fat and get rid of excess water. There are many ways to do a body wrap, so you can find the method that’s right for you and the results you’re looking for. Always remember to hydrate well before, during and after a wrap. Since body wraps and the ingredients used are applied directly onto your skin, make sure to share any allergies with your technician before you start the process. You can also read the label of a home kit to avoid potential problems.



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