3 Best Workouts to Get Over Your Weight Plateau

If you have ever dieted in the past, chances are that at one time or another you have experienced a weight plateau. A weight plateau occurs when you no longer notice decreases in your weight, despite consistent amounts of exercise and dieting. While this can be a frustrating occurrence, it is not impossible to overcome. This article discusses three great workouts to try to help get you over your weight plateau.

Circuit Strength Training Workout

Strength training workouts are a great way to get over your weight plateau. Often, weight training is discussed as a great way to increase muscle tone and help burn fat. While strength training can produce these results, it is important to change your workout up in order to see results. A circuit strength training workout is a program where you set up a number of “stations,” each of which require you to perform a different exercise. For example, at your first station, you may do push-ups for one minute, then at the next station, you may do squats or jump rope for one minute. It doesn’t really matter what the exercises are or what order they are done in–as long as they are different from your typical routine and get your muscles burning!

Cardiovascular Interval Workout

A cardiovascular interval workout is similar to a circuit strength training workout in that you are not performing the same workout the entire time you are exercising. However, a cardiovascular interval workout focuses only on increasing your heart rate and then lowering it down again, thereby maximizing calorie burn and fat loss. Often, you may turn to walking, jogging, or biking as a great way to lose weight. And while these types of cardiovascular activity may produce results initially, after awhile your body gets used to the exercise–and you begin to plateau.

Changing your cardiovascular workout into an interval workout will keep your body guessing, thereby helping you to get over the hump. To create a cardiovascular interval workout, start by breaking your exercise session into evenly timed sections. For example, if you plan to exercise for 30 minutes, you can break your session up into 10 sessions lasting 3 minutes each. Get on the treadmill, bike, or perform another form of cardiovascular exercise, and set the intensity to a pace that you would rank as being very difficult. Maintain this for one session of three minutes. When three minutes are up, drop the intensity down to a pace that you would rank as being moderate. Every three minutes for the rest of the time, alternate your pace between very difficult to moderate. After a few days of performing this type of interval workout, you’re guaranteed to see a change!


Finally, a yoga session may be just what you need to help you get over your weight plateau. Sometimes if you exercise too much your body becomes concerned that too many calories are being expended, and therefore it holds on to all of the fat and muscle it can. This will prevent further weight loss. Yoga will help you stretch tired muscles, relax a fatigued brain, and get you back on track to achieve optimal weight loss.



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