3 Best Styles for Plus Size Evening Wear

If you’re looking for a flattering plus size evening gown or outfit, you have plenty of options. When it comes to any kind of apparel, it really doesn’t matter what size you wear. What matters is knowing how to work with what you have, how to play up your best features, and how to conceal the features you dislike. Evening wear is great because it’s often more embellished or striking than the clothing you wear on a daily basis. Finding an interesting silhouette or style is decidedly easier to do with evening wear. Here are the best styles for plus size evening wear.

1. Fitted Jackets over a Dress or with a Pair of Evening Slacks

Blazers are flattering on virtually every body type. The structured fabric and cut of a blazer creates a slimming and pulled together look. Blazers can easily make fantastic evening wear. You can find them in pretty satin or silk blends, often times with decorative or flashy buttons that give the blazer a rich and dramatic look. Blazers look sophisticated over a simple evening dress or over a silk shell top with a pair of evening trousers. Evening blazers are perfect for plus size women because they sexy and chic without being too revealing.

2. V-Neck Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are very flattering on plus sizes. Your best option for evening wrap dresses are those with a fuller, structured skirt made of a nylon blend fabric. Of course, depending on the occasion, you could also select a simple black silk or jersey blend wrap dress. Most wrap dresses naturally have a v-neckline. V-necklines are flattering because they draw attention to your face and give you a leaner appearance. A neckline that sits too close to the base of your neck will make you look boxy.

3. Empire Waist Dresses

For most women, the area just below the bust is the slimmest section. Accentuate it with an empire waist dress. A dress that hits your body right at the knee will be most flattering, but you can also go full length. A sweetheart, scoop or v-neckline will work best. Avoid halter tops or thin spaghetti straps. Stick to thicker straps–at least one or two inches. An empire waist dress with detailing at the top, like beading on the bust or a bright colored fabric, are good choices.

Not only is the cut and style important, so is the fabric choice. Choosing a dress made of a structured fabric will lend itself best to your body type. As a general rule, plus size women should avoid stretchy knits and clingy, thin silks and chiffon fabrics that are hard to wear with proper supportive undergarments. The more structured the fabric, the easier it is to wear a supportive bra–or pair of Spanx or other shapewear–underneath. For an overall slimming look, stick to solid colored fabrics, especially those in darker shades or colors. A little black dress looks good on everybody!


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