3 Best Inserts for your High Heels

Wearing high heels may be fashionable, but as all women know, they can be quite painful. High heels position your feet into a position that is not natural and causes quite a few health problems. Easing the pain of high heels can be remedied by choosing the proper insert for it. So which are the best inserts to wear for high heels? Here are a few of the most recommended inserts for high heels on the market today.

Insert #1: Foot Petals

Foot Petals brand offers two different inserts that can help ease the pain of wearing high heels. Tip Toes are flower shaped inserts designed to be placed under your toes to keep them in place. They are not only inconspicuous but made of a comfortable foamy material that you’ll hardly even realize is there.

The second product Foot Petals offers for high heels is Heavenly Heelz. These are foamy strips placed underneath your heel to keep it from sliding forward in your high heels. They offer a second benefit that if your high heels are a little too large for your feet they will help provide additional cushion to fit better.

Insert #2: Insolia

Insolia inserts offer a solution to the innate problem of high heels to shift the weight of your body to your toes. This not only causes your toes to be pressed into the ground, causing pain, but also changes your center of gravity, causing you to walk in a way that can hurt your back.

Insolia inserts aid this by shifting the weight back to your heels. This allows you to return to walking properly and reducing the strain on your body when wearing high heels. Insolia accomplishes this by placing a clear, rubbery insert that remains under your heel and arch and shifting your weight to these areas.

Insolia inserts don’t always work for everyone. Fortunately, the company realizes this and offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those women who are unsatisfied with the results.

Insert #3: Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s offers a variety of footwear products for everybody. However, we are interested specifically in the “For Her” product line for high heels. Dr’s Scholl’s “For Her” for high heels are clear gel inserts that offer a cushion for both your toes and heels. Like Insolia products, Dr. Scholl’s also shifts weight from the toes to the heels.

High heels are not designed for everyday use and should not be used in that manner. However, they are fashionable and many women wear them to help feel sexier and attractive. Wearing high heels, however, comes with problems related to pain. For those who insist on wearing high heels, these inserts can help to reduce pain and allow them to wear their high heels. Even with these inserts, however, it is not recommended that women wear high heels for any longer than necessary.


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