3 Best Fruits and Vegetables for the Anti-Aging Diet

The anti-aging diet involves a combination of calorie restriction and food selection. It is based on animal research that shows that the lifespan of cells can be extended with limited caloric intake. For this plan, you should keep your daily calorie intake to around 1,700, but this set point can vary depending on your age, sex and exercise level.

The trick of this diet is to meet the recommended daily intake (RDI) of all nutrients without exceeding your calorie limit. You should keep to eating low-calorie foods that contain generous variety and concentration of nutrients. Foods like fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants or have proven anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties are highly favored for this diet. The following article contains information regarding the three super fruits and veggies that can help you live longer and look younger.

1. Red or Black Grapes

Grapes contain a considerable amount of all nutrients with only 100 calories per cup. They are a great source vitamins C and K, copper and manganese, which can help boost your immunity and improve your blood oxygen levels. Red and black grapes are your “must eats” for disease prevention and beauty. They contain the miracle ingredient resveratrol, which can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, improve the structural integrity of your blood vessels and prevent cancer and age-related neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Resveratrol has also shown life-extending properties in laboratory studies and has been incorporated into oral and topical anti-aging formulas. Dark skinned grapes also contain other phyto-antioxidants, like anthocyanin, gallic acid and tannin. Remember, the darker the skin color, the higher the health value. You should also eat the grape seeds. They are extremely high in linoleic fatty acids and vitamin E and are super effective in improving skin quality and wrinkle reduction.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another reputable beauty food. They are extremely weight-loss friendly with only about 30 calories per cup. They also contain high amounts of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C and K and manganese. Eating raw tomatoes help defend your skin internally from the sun’s UV rays and help prevent age-related macular degeneration. Cooked tomatoes are even better for your health. Heating helps to release the phyto-antioxidant lycopene within their cell walls, enabling more efficient absorption. Lycopene is known to be effective in prevention of a variety of age-related problems like wrinkles and skin discoloration, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

3. Soy

Eating soy as a substitute for animal products is a smart move for weight loss as well as health promotion. Meats and whole dairy contain high amounts of calories, saturated fat and cholesterol, which are problematic for your cardiovascular system. Red meat and animal organs also contain considerable amounts of toxins and can lead to cell mutation and cancer. Soy products are much healthier with significantly lower calorie and fat content. They are an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart and skin. They are also high in all varieties of vitamins and minerals and are especially effective in boosting your metabolism and strengthening your immune system.



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