3 Best Eyebrow Shaping Tools

Eyebrow shaping can make your appearance seem a lot cleaner and more attractive. Keeping up with a clean brow look can be difficult if you do not have the right tools, or if you don’t know which method you would like to have done. There are three methods that seem to stand out as the most effective as well as having longer lasting results. Some eyebrow shaping tools, such as razors, can give you a clean look, but it will last long because the hair has been cut at the surface and not pulled from the root. In order to maintain a clean professional look, it is important to get your brows shaped by using any of these three tools:


Threading is a technique that involves taking a piece of thread that gets tied into a large loop and used to pull out hairs simultaneously. Hairs are removed when they become intertwined within the twisted thread. It is extremely efficient and has long lasting results. It is best done by a professional although skilled threaders can do their own brows. The great thing about threading is that it is extremely precise. The angles of the string allow for the threader to create perfect lines or curves which give it a professional look. Overall, this is one of the best tools around.


Getting your brows tweezed is common among many people. You can pick up a pair of tweezers at pretty much any store as they are very handy. Using tweezers allows you to have control over every single follicle of hair. If you get them done professionally, you will end up with a very clean look achieved with accuracy and control. The good thing about tweezing is that it is relatively easy to maintain the shape of your brows. The key is to get them done professionally the first time, and then as you see incoming hairs begin to sprout, you can pluck them out one by one. It is easy to follow the shape once it has been defined. If you let it grow back too much then it will be more difficult to keep up with on your own. It is not as precise as threading because it is a bit more freehand but still very effective in removing hair follicles from the root.


Using wax is great for a quick hair removal that has long lasting results. Usually this is always done by a professional, although there are some wax kits that have pre-made plastic wax strips. These usually don’t really work well and do not provide accurate results. When getting your eyebrows waxed, it is most common to get a decent sized portion of the brow removed with the wax, then tweezers are used for the detail work. Again, it is a fairly simple and fast method, but does not have as much accuracy as thread or tweezers. 


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