3 Best Diets if You Have Stomach Ulcers

If you have stomach ulcers, there are a few important items that you should plan to avoid in your regular dieting. Ulcers are easily aggravated, and they can be exceedingly painful when this is the case.

Certain foods will be more likely than others to aggravate an ulcer and cause damage to your body. It’s important to realize, however, that the foods that you eat will neither cure nor cause an ulcer. It may be possible for those foods to bring you more pain if you already have an ulcer, but you shouldn’t worry about an ulcer developing as a result of the food that you eat. Ulcers, in fact, develop as a result of medicines that you take, genetic predisposition, and many other factors over which you have more or less control. Read on for a few of the diets to consider if you have stomach ulcers.

1. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet, which focuses on healthy fats in the form of olive oil, light meats, fresh vegetables and more, is a great diet in general and a good way to moderate the symptoms of your stomach ulcers. Because it is generally low in fat and red meat, the Mediterranean diet avoids the pitfalls of protein heavy diets, many of which are responsible for contributing to aggravation in stomach ulcer patients. The olive oil is seen by many people as soothing to ulcers, and the food is easily digested, helping to reduce stress on the digestive tract in general.

2. Rice Diet

The Rice diet is a diet based primarily on rice dishes. These dishes are standard diet dishes that are made with rice as a substitute for many of the more common grains and other ingredients. Because of the bland, simple nature of these foods, they are excellent options for people with stomach ulcers. Rice diet foods tend to be low in acidic content, meaning that you won’t have spicy or acidic foods to disturb your stomach ulcer.

3. Oprah Diet

The Oprah Diet is a great diet in general and also a good choice if you suffer from ulcers in your stomach or digestive tract. One of the best benefits of this diet, both in terms of the effects that it can have on your metabolism and also in regards to the overall benefit that it has for your stomach ulcers, is the fact that the meals are split up into smaller portions throughout the day. By eating 4 or 5 smaller meals instead of eating 3 larger meals, you put less stress onto your stomach and your digestive tract over the course of a full day’s worth of eating. When you do this, it gives your stomach ulcer less stress to work with and helps it to recover more quickly.

For more information about stomach ulcers and the best way to help them through the foods that you eat, speak with a doctor.


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