3 Benefits of Exercising at Your Anaerobic Threshold

Your anaerobic threshold is a level of fitness that relates directly to energy, endurance and heart rate. If you are a professional athlete, there are specific ways to calculate your anaerobic threshold with computerized equipment and testing. Often, these high-tech processes are not necessary because you’ll know you have reached your peak during exercise when you can no longer hold a conversation, your heart is beating rapidly and your muscles are weakening to the point that you must slow down. There are a number of benefits to exercising at your anaerobic threshold including improving performance, building strength and raising your fitness level for longer endurance.

1. Improving Performance

By exercising at your anaerobic threshold, performance can be improved considerably. Depending upon your fitness goals, in time you’ll be able to increase speed or repetitions and exercise for longer periods of time. If your goals include weight loss, improved performance will allow you to exercise more consistently for maximum benefit. If you are working on training for an event or athletic contest, performance is likely one of your main goals. Building speed and gaining the ability to exercise without complete exertion, both during and after the routine, will benefit your health overall by giving you more energy on a daily basis and preventing certain health problems that can arise due to lack of proper physical exercise.

2. Building Strength

Strength is important for many day-to-day tasks, as well as during athletic and fitness events. When you have sufficient strength to meet your goals, your body is prepared to handle those events without losing energy or being susceptible to injury. Exercising at your anaerobic threshold helps to build strength in the muscles and throughout the entire body by increasing muscle capacity and improving other areas, such as the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. All ages can benefit from building strength, as more strength contributes to prevention of injury, increase in metabolism and decrease of the risk of certain health problems, such as high cholesterol and heart disease.

3. Endurance

Raising your level of fitness by working out at your anaerobic threshold on a consistent basis allows you to extend your workout periods for much longer by improving endurance. This may be important when training for an event which requires you to run, row or otherwise move about for long periods of time. Endurance is also helpful for beginners who have a very low fitness level. As certain muscle groups and processes within the body are trained, you will find that you can continue any routine, whether it be during exercise, at work or completing household chores, for longer periods of time without shortness of breath, fatigue or muscle pain and burning. Whether your goals include weight loss, decreasing risk for health problems or specific event training, the more persistent you are with maintaining your anaerobic threshold during the workout, the more benefits you will see overall.


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