3 Beneficial Types of Weight Loss Massage

Weight loss massage is helpful in ridding your body of toxins and improving various bodily functions that assist, both directly and indirectly, in your weight loss efforts. Whether you’re implementing an abdominal self-massage or visiting a professional massage therapist on a regular basis, the end result will very likely be a greater sense of relaxation, reduced stress and greater mood enhancement. Here are three beneficial types of weight loss massage:

1. Abdominal Massage for Weight Loss

The premise behind an abdominal massage is that a properly working digestive system allows you to metabolize necessary nutrients from the foods you eat. It also assists with the proper elimination of toxins. When these processes are in full motion, you obtain more energy from the foods you eat, requiring fewer calories. In addition, you will feel less lethargic as your body resorts less to storing toxins. When you are less lethargic, you are more likely to adhere to a weight loss regimen and a workout routine.

Although abdominal massages are usually performed by professionals, some advocates of Chinese medicine encourage self-massage. To do this, place your hands on your abdomen and move them in a counterclockwise direction for a few minutes. Then reverse the direction to clockwise and continue for a few minutes. The motion starts on your stomach and moves over your intestines down to the pelvic bone and back to the stomach. You will want to breathe deeply during this process.

When done properly you might experience burping and flatulence as stagnant materials in your intestines begin to move. It is recommended that you do this twice a day, and not too close to meal times.

2. Lymphatic Massage for Stress Reduction and Weight Loss

Lymphatic massage assists with immune system regeneration, removal of toxins and increased metabolism. It is a gentle form of massage performed by a massage therapist. Its benefits for weight loss are related to removal of fatigue and stress. Stress is a common reason for binge eating. When you relax your body through a lymphatic massage, you will very likely experience a reduction in the desire to overeat.

This type of massage is also used for people with sports injuries. If you have stopped working out due to an injury, a lymphatic massage can assist in reducing inflammation and help you resume your workout more quickly.

3. Aromatherapy Massage for Mood Enhancement and Weight Loss

Aromatherapy massage is another type of weight loss massage that helps to increase relaxation and reduce the desire to binge eat. This type of massage engages the senses by drawing on the use of essential oils during the massage. The oils are extracts from flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds.

People who undergo aromatherapy massage often find an improvement in mood, sleeping issues and a reduction in muscular pain. A massage therapist will know which oils are most suited to the specific issue. Aromatherapy massage will leave you feeling more relaxed, less stressed and with a greater level of energy to adhere to your diet and workout regimen.


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