3 Beauty Benefits of Swimming in Salt Water

There have been many studies about the therapeutic benefits of salt water. It’s used to treat many ailments, ranging from skin disorders to physical health conditions. It is also used in a variety of ways for beauty treatments. If you would like to gain most of the beauty benefits of salt water, swimming regularly in it would be the best way. Here’s a look at three beauty benefits of swimming in salt water.

1. Beautiful Skin

Swimming in salt water is cleansing to the skin. Salt water will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple as it increases moisture retention. It rejuvenates the skin by detoxifying it and promotes cellular regeneration. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and when it feels renewed, your whole body automatically feels revitalized and healthy.

If you have dry and itchy skin, swimming in salt water may benefit you a great deal because it will keep it hydrated and stop it from becoming irritated. Studies show that salt water helps in treating skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and acne. It will not treat such skin disorders overnight, but swimming regularly in salt water will gradually improve the appearance and condition of the disorders.

2. Stress Relief

Swimming in general is a good way to relieve stress; salt water makes it even better. It reduces the inflammation of joints and muscles, leaving your body feeling relaxed and stress-free. Salt water contains bromide and this mineral helps in relieving muscle pains and soreness.

It is a fact that stress is the number one contributor to aging, so swimming in salt water is the best anti-aging therapy. Studies show that salt water helps in the restoration of the body’s natural balance and promotes natural self healing. Continuous salt water swimming will make you feel and look younger.

3. Health Benefits

Beauty is not just skin deep. In able to really be beautiful on the outside, your inside must also be healthy and working properly. When you swim in salt water, it stimulates your blood circulation which is great for your health. Swimming in salt water is not a strenuous activity. However, if you have a heart condition, it is best to consult your doctor before making it a habit to swim in salt water.

Salt water contains many minerals that are good for your health. The potassium present in salt water is beneficial because your blood needs it after exercise. The other minerals present in salt water like magnesium help in making your nervous system healthy. The sodium in salt water on the other hand keeps your immune system in check, for appropriate fluid balance in your body. The calcium helps in keeping your bones and teeth healthy.

Swimming in salt water is a good beauty regime to engage in. Not only will it help keep you beautiful on the outside, it will also help in keeping you healthy in the inside.  


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