3 Apple a Day Diet: 4 Tasty Breakfast Ideas

In the 3 Apple a Day Diet, you eat three apples a day. Take note that apples are not all you eat. Instead, you eat one before every meal if you eat the customary three meals every day. Apples provide a healthy sugar boost that satisfies your cravings and fiber so you start feeling full before you eat the rest of your meal. Part of this diet includes a high-protein, low-calorie breakfast. So, tickle your taste buds with these tasty breakfast ideas.

1. Apples

You don’t have to eat an entire apple pre-meal, just several slices. Be creative with apples. Top your oatmeal and pancakes with grated apples. Mix in apple wedges to your cereal. Blend the apple into a shake that you drink before breakfast. You can also add protein mix to your shake and the resulting smoothie will give you an energetic start to your day.

2.  Nuts

Nuts eaten after apples give a salty contrast to the sweetness of fruit. A handful of 14 almonds, for example, only has 80 calories. Even if you’re rushing to work, just grab a bag of almonds and an apple so you can munch on them while stuck in traffic. You can also spread peanut butter on a bagel or on your apple if you’re adventurous.

3. Eggs

Like apples, you can prepare eggs in many ways. Prioritize healthy methods like poaching, boiling and scrambling eggs in nonfat spray. Poached eggs are yummy on melted cheese and soft bread. When you have time, you can try an absolute favorite recipe for poached eggs: eggs Benedict. Just skip the bacon or substitute it with salmon.

If you’re in a hurry, boiling eggs gives you a chance to multitask. You can eat a hard-boiled egg by itself or on a salad. Or you can get the egg from the pot a bit earlier and eat it soft-boiled with toast. Another quick way is to microwave two eggs while you toast two slices of wheat or rye bread.

Scrambling eggs gives you plenty of opportunities to experiment with flavors. Make delicious omelets with what’s available in the fridge or pantry.

4. Dairy

Dairy is another animal product that’s a good source of protein. Pour skim milk on your cereal with apple bits or simply drink a glass of milk after eating a whole apple. A cup of low-fat yogurt goes well with sweet apples.

Add a low-fat cheese slice and apple wedges to your chicken breast sandwich. Spread low-fat cottage cheese on a muffin or whole-wheat crackers. There’s even low-fat string cheese you can put on almost anything you have for breakfast.

They say life is short, so eat dessert first. Have an apple first, and then try any of the suggested breakfast ideas above. Not only are they quick and healthy, they’ll help you lose pounds too!


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