20 Common Foods Containing Wheat

Wheat is an annual grass and is one of the top three crops grown all over the world. There are many common foods on the market which contain wheat because it is very nutritious and has many uses. But many are allergic to it because it contains gluten. Gluten is made up of the sticky proteins that act as a binder in foods. It is difficult to find foods that do not contain some form wheat, especially if they have been packaged. Here is a list of 20 common foods that contain wheat.

Lots of Wheat

  • Flour. Most flour is made directly from the wheat grain. This includes white, bread, bran or brown flour. Buckwheat flour may also contain a blend of wheat, so be sure to check the label. 
  • Breads. Breads, unless they have a label stating otherwise, will contain wheat. This includes freshly baked bread at your local bakery.
  • Baked Goods. Cakes, cookies, pastries or other baked goods all contain wheat.
  • Pasta. Pasta, unless it states that it is made from rice or quinoa, is also made from wheat flour.
  • Pizza. Pizza is also made from flour and unless it has a special label stating that it is gluten free, you can be sure that it contains wheat. This includes bread sticks and frozen pizzas, as well as frozen pizza dough.
  • Breaded and Battered Foods. Foods such as fish sticks, fried chicken wings or any battered vegetables such as pepper, onions or zucchini will contain wheat from the bread or batter.
  • Cereals. Most cereals are also made from wheat.
  • Canned Soups. Most canned soups contain a wheat starch or wheat flour as a thickener. This includes soups in packets as well as the soups that you order at most restaurants.
  • Vegetables. Frozen or canned vegetables prepared in a sauce, as well as creamed vegetables that contain stabilizers also contain wheat.
  • Sauces. Most commercially prepared sauces, such as soy sauce, Worcestershire, teriyaki, and horseradish sauce, should be assumed to contain wheat unless otherwise stated.
  • Dip and Gravy Mixes. These all contain wheat thickening agents. As a general rule most thickening agents such as starches contain wheat.
  • Ground Spices. Curry powder, Cajun spices, pie spice, and Thai spices contain a wheat agent that prevents them from clumping. 
  • Instant Drinks. Drinks like instant coffee, instant tea and cocoa powder all contain wheat, as well as powdered, malted and chocolate milk. Most malted drinks will contain wheat.
  • Deserts. Ice cream, ice cream cones, sherbet, icings, meringues and puddings all contain wheat.
  • Condiments. Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard that are either ready made or in powder form all contain wheat.
  • Salad Dressings. Many dressings contain wheat-enriched emulsifiers or stabilizers.
  • Meats. Sausages, luncheon, and prepared meat patties contain wheat.
  • Imitation and Synthetic Cheeses. Pasteurized cheese spreads, cottage cheese containing modified or wheat starches, blue cheese and veined cheeses like Roquefort contain wheat.
  • Beer. It’s most commonly made from barley, but wheat is also widely used as an ingredient.
  • Sweets. Licorice, chocolate, candy with cereal extract, and chewing gum all contain wheat.

Read the Labels

The best way to be sure that your food does not contain wheat is to read the labels. Anything that contains monosodium glutamate (MSG), modified starches, or malt will usually contain wheat. Unless the label says otherwise, it is almost safe to assume that the product contains wheat.


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