2 Treadmill Workouts for Building Endurance

There are a number of different treadmill workouts that can be followed for the sake of building your endurance. Endurance will help elevate your fitness level while simultaneously burning calories. Regular treadmill workouts can also help enhance your cardiovascular system, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and other problems. Achieve relaxation, reduce stress and save time by choosing one or both of these treadmill workouts to add to your daily routine.

1. Treadmill Cardio Training

Use cardiovascular treadmill workouts to build endurance by alternating between a walking pace and jogging or running. Beginners will want to start slow for a few reasons. If your endurance is low, you’ll want to avoid overexerting yourself right off the bat. Secondly, you’ll get a good gauge for how much your endurance is changing over the course of your daily workout routine. Decide the length of your treadmill routine. You can choose anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes, depending upon your fitness level and the amount of time you’ve decided to dedicate to treadmill workouts.

Always begin with 2-3 minutes of walking at a speed of about 3 to 3.5 mph. Once you feel that your muscles have warmed up, increase the speed to somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5 mph. Depending upon your height and fitness level, this should result in a fast walk. After 2 minutes, increase speed to about 6 mph. This will result in a jog or run. Alternate running for 3 minutes and walking for 1 minute throughout the course of your workout. Slowing to a walk in between running periods gives your body a chance to rest. Always be sure to end your workout with a 2 minute cool down period, reverting back to the slower speed of 3 mph.

2. Treadmill Incline Workout

Treadmill workouts that include an incline resemble the workout you would get when walking up a hill. This type of exercise can quickly build endurance, tone muscles and burn calories as well. As always, begin and end with the 2 minute warm-up and cool down period at around 3 mph. After the first 2 minutes, increase your speed slightly, if you wish.

This workout is not about speed, but rather incline, so instead, you’ll want to focus on raising the incline slightly every couple of minutes until the middle of your workout time. At this point you would slowly decrease the incline rate until you reach level ground again toward the end. Start off with slow increases, to your preference. These types of treadmill workouts really work your muscles and increase the work load on your lower body, so don’t underestimate the benefits of this type of exercise. Fast walking is not necessarily beneficial with an added incline, so if you feel overexerted, lower the speed. However, you should try to keep the increase in incline consistent. This type of workout may be preferable to people with a low fitness level for whom jogging and running is uncomfortable. Over time, you will notice your endurance levels increasing considerably.


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