2 Anti-Aging Benefits of Pure Rosehip Oil

If you had to choose only one beauty aid for the rest of your life, pure rosehip oil would be a very wise choice. The anti-aging benefits of this natural oil are worth noting if you are a woman seeking a younger-looking complexion. The word “rosehip” refers to the seedpod that is left after the rose petals fall off after the bloom. Pressing that seedpod releases the oil, which is rich in some of the skin’s most treasured nutrients. Those nutrients include vitamins A and C, and essential fatty acids. Those nutrients are the reasons why you can depend on pure rosehip oil for diminished wrinkles and for retaining a moisturized, healthy glow. Here is how pure rosehip oil works its magic.

Lines and Spots Fade, Naturally

Rosehip oil contains essential fatty acids (EFA). These acids–oleic, linolenic and linoleic–help to accelerate skin-cell activity. They are vital to the healthy functioning of cells. These acids also act as a protective shield against skin pollutants and damage from exposure to the sun. What you will eventually discover are diminished lines on the face, such as crow’s feet around the eyes and lines on the sides of the mouth. 

If you have scars as a result of surgery, you may find that rosehip oil makes scars fade as well. As the fatty acids accelerate cell activity,  they also help to generate increased cell growth in the region of the wound. Those acids help to remodel damaged skin structures, including scars, and they help to promote more collagen and elastin. The skin begins to look smoother and firmer.

There is even more good news about rosehip oil’s anti-aging benefits. The oil helps fade “age spots,” those flat brown, gray or black spots that may appear on the face as you age. You can expect to see those spots fade after about four months of applying pure rosehip oil daily.

Skin Softens, Naturally

By the time you reach age 50 you’ll see that your skin just isn’t producing as much oil as it did when you were in your 20s. Dry skin is the result. In cold-weather climates, if left untreated, your skin might even look parched and chapped. This is where rosehip oil, with its fatty acids, shows its second benefit. It not only fades and smooths out lines, but it also hydrates the skin.

If you have never used rosehip oil on your face, you may not like the idea of using a pure oil, because you expect that the oil will feel greasy sitting on top of your pores. The fact is, rosehip seed oil nicely penetrates the skin. As long as you don’t use too much, just two or three drops per application, you will find that your skin absorbs it as quickly as it would absorb any good moisturizer.

How to Apply

Use rosehip oil on your skin twice a day, before breakfast and at bedtime. Only put about two to three drops on your fingertips. Place the drops on your face and begin to slowly massage the oil, using circular motions, into your skin. Then apply another moisturizer, if you wish. In three or four months, you can expect to see faded age spots and faded lines.


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