16 Golf Fitness Exercises For Improving Your Game

Through the use of golf fitness exercises, coupled with weight training, it is possible to improve your golf game. A stronger, more flexible core area (body trunk) produces a more powerful swing, and therefore longer distance in driving a golf ball.

Golf stretching exercises will improve strength and stamina, and all exercise positions should be held for 20 seconds.

Exercise #1: Loosen Up

It is crucial to warm up your body before a big golf game. Walk briskly for 3 to 4 minutes before tee-off.

Exercise #2: Stretch Thighs

With a golf club held overhead, squat down so that the thighs are parallel to the ground.

Exercise #3: Loosen Up Arms

Swing your arms in front of the body for 30 seconds.

Exercise #4: Loosen Up Core Muscles

With a golf club resting on the shoulders, and a hand at each end, rotate the trunk of the body until each end is facing forward (for 15 to 20 swings).

Exercise #5: Stretch Obliques

With a golf club resting on the shoulders, and a hand at each end, lean to the left and then to the right for 2 seconds, each for 8 to 10 stretches each side.

Exercise #6: Stretch Hamstrings, Lower Back and Gluteal Muscles

Lie flat on the floor and pull one leg at a time toward the chest with the hands. For additional conditioning, pull both knees to the chest together.

Exercise #7: Stretch Upper Back

Get down on all fours, with hands extended forward on the floor. Press the chest down to the floor while arching the back.

Exercise #8: Stretch Hips and Gluteal Muscles

Lie flat on the floor, and cross one leg over the other, resting it on either the thigh or knee of the other leg. Push the bent leg away until feeling a stretch in the hip area.

Exercise #9: Stretch Hip Flexors and Upper Thigh

Kneel on the floor with one knee touching the floor and the other bent at 90 degrees. Slowly begin to “sit down” on the leg touching the floor.

Exercise #10: Stretch Middle and Upper Quadriceps

Stand (holding onto a table) and raise the opposite leg straight out, parallel to the floor. Grasp the foot, and pull the heel toward the buttocks.

Exercise #11: Stretch Upper Chest (Pectoralis Muscles)

Stand facing a doorway (or corner) and place hands against the wall or door frame, shoulder-width apart. Lean into the corner or doorway.

Exercise #12: Stretch Upper Chest (Pectoralis Muscles)

Doing the same exercise above, with one leg bent forward, will stretch the gastrocnemius muscle and achilles tendon.

Exercise #13: Stretch Hamstrings

Sitting on the ground, with one leg forward and one leg bent to the side, lean forward and touch the toes of the straight leg.

Exercise #14: Core Muscle Stretches

Performing golf swing exercises, such as sitting while swinging a dumb bell weight from side to side, will strengthen and condition core muscles.

Exercise #15: Strengthen Wrists

Holding a golf club at the side, while moving it up and down, will strengthen the wrists, providing for a more powerful stroke.

Exercise #16: Strengthen Core Muscle

Using a weighed club (or two clubs held together), perform 10 practice swings continuously.

Perform the above stretches regularly, and watch your golf game improve!


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  • bob doyle

    Great exercises. If you are serious about improving your golf swing, try exercises #3, 4, 15 and 16 with your head held steady and by maintaining your spine angle. Incorporate this feel into your exercise routine and you will have improved the 2 irrefutable aspects of the golf swing.
    Stay healthy….play more golf.
    Bob D