15 Vegetables and Their Calorie Count

Vegetables are a healthy food for anyone to enjoy. They are typically lower in calorie count, nutritious and easy to prepare. Many vegetables can be taken on the go very easily. Most can be eaten raw or cooked. Vegetables are a great choice for the person who is watching their calorie count and wanting to slim down. They can be a side dish or made into the main attraction. With the Internet at many people’s fingertips, it’s not difficult to find an enjoyable recipe that will satisfy even the picky palate.

5 Boiled Vegetables

Many vegetables that are eaten after being boiled have a lower calorie count than their raw counterparts. The boiled vegetables absorb the water, the weight of the vegetable increases and in turn it lowers the vegetables caloric density.

Examples of low calorie boiled vegetables and their calorie counts per 8 ounces, or 1 cup:

  1. Celery: 20 calories
  2. Mushrooms: 24 calories
  3. Leeks: 40 calories
  4. Cabbage: 40 calories
  5. Cauliflower: 60 calories

5 Raw Vegetables

When eaten raw, there are many vegetables that have low calorie counts. They are a delicious and healthy option for a quick snack, packed full of vitamins and minerals that will help the body stay in top running order.

Examples of low calorie raw vegetables and their calorie counts per 8 ounces, or 1 cup:

  1. Lettuce: 5 calories
  2. Tomatoes: 5 calories
  3. Mushrooms: 16 calories
  4. Radishes: 18 calories
  5. Cucumbers: 40 calories

Remember to enjoy these low cal selections. Make a quick salad with these ingredients. Toss the salad with a light dressing or better yet, use a dressing spray. The sprays are typically 1 calorie per squirt. They are delicious and make a salad tasty.

5 High Calorie Vegetables

The following vegetables are higher in calories, but remember that they’re still a healthier option than cookies, chips and candies. The key to losing weight is portion control.

Examples of vegetables that are higher in calories for a 1 cup serving, or 8 ounces:

  1. White Potato (baked): 168 calories
  2. Sweet Potatoes: 192 calories
  3. Sweet Corn (canned): 280 calories
  4. Sun Dried Tomatoes: 336 calories
  5. Sweet Peppers (orange, yellow and red): 400 calories

If a higher calorie vegetable is on the menu, remember there are always ways to make it a little bit lighter. The cook could always prepare the vegetable lighter with olive oil or canola oil. Do not use cream or heavy sauces that are loaded with calories. It’s best to stir fry with olive oil than deep fry. It’s not difficult to transform a higher calorie vegetable into a lower calorie meal. Making a loaded baked potato is a delicious and filling meal.

Vegetables are a good way to improve one’s health. It’s recommended that a person consume three to five servings of vegetables per day. It’s not hard to find a snack or side dish made from vegetables. You can even take vegetables and make them into a delicious main course. Taking a raw vegetable on the go is an easy way to curb hunger. It won’t add on the calories as quickly as grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips from a machine. With proper planning, a person can easily fit 3 to 5 vegetable servings into their day.


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