15 Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has a large collection of benefits to help keep your body healthy and strong. Many people are not aware of the many natural benefits of sunflower oil because it is not the most popular oil used in cooking. It is easy to substitute into your diet and has a natural, light taste. Here are some benefits of sunflower oil.

1. Improve Heart Health

Sunflower oil can lower cardiovascular diseases and the chance of heart attack.

2. Natural Energy

Sunflower oil provides lots of natural energy. By incorporating a little sunflower oil in your salad at lunch, you can feel naturally energized at work or at school.

3. Lower Risk of Infant Infection

It lowers risk of infections of low birth weight and pre-term infants. These infants are at risk of infection because of undeveloped organs and skin. It serves as a protective barrier.

4. Stops Free Radicals       

Another great benefit is that it neutralizes cancer causing free radicals. This is possible because of the vitamin E or tocopherols found in sunflower oil. Free radicals damage cells as well as your immune system.

5. Natural Antioxidant         

Sunflower oil also acts as an antioxidant because of the levels of vitamin E.

6. Natural Moisturizer

The vitamin E in sunflower oil is a moisturizer and helps cells retain water.

7. Prevents Arthritis

If you have worries about arthritis, then sunflower oil might be the answer to your problems. Sunflower oil helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

8. Prevents Asthma and Colon Cancer

In addition to preventing rheumatoid arthritis, sunflower oil also prevents asthma and colon cancer. By adding this oil to your diet regularly you will help prevent the potentially devastating effects of colon cancer.

9. Promotes a Healthy Nervous System

Sunflower oil contains vitamin B which is good for a healthy nervous system, good digestion, and it is great for producing energy.

10. Lowers Cholesterol

Lecithin is also present in sunflower oil which helps keep cholesterol levels low. This is possible because lecithin sticks to your nerve and cell linings and prevents fat and cholesterol from sticking to the cell.

11. Prevents Other Cancers

Carotenoids can be found in this oil which help prevent cancers such as uterine, lung and skin. Also, carotenoids can aid in preventing cataracts as well as provide a nice source of vitamin A.

12. Reduces Cardiac Problems

Sunflower oil is a good way to incorporate selenium into your diet. By having higher levels of selenium in your blood, you reduce the risk of lung and skin cancers. It also reduces the chances of cardiac problems and hepatic degradation.

13. Repairs the Body

Protein is beneficial in building and repairing tissues and the production of hormones and enzymes. Protein is also found in sunflower oil. Your body actually needs high amounts of protein because the body does not store it. Because of this, there is no backup supply of protein ready for your body to use if you do not continuously consume it.

14. Maintains Healthy Immune System

Another benefit of sunflower oil is that it contains zinc. Zinc is great because it helps maintain a healthy immune system which helps in the healing of wounds. Zinc also is beneficial in maintaining your sense of smell and taste.

15. Helps Create New Cells

Sunflower oil contains folic acid, which helps the body manufacture new cells. 



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