13 Foods to Avoid on the Special K Diet

The Special K Diet is a sensible 2-week weight loss plan that caters to women, particularly to those who have a sweet tooth. The premise is that if you reward yourself with Special K treats, it is easier to stay on track and lose the weight.

The Special K Diet Basics

In general, you eat cereal for breakfast, then replace your second meal with cereal or a protein shake. You can have a snack anytime, and you eat a sensible meal at dinner. You can reward yourself with a treat at bedtime.

You can add veggies such as snap-pea pods, carrot sticks or celery to your snacks. However, the Special K Diet is designed to encourage you to eat Special K products such as their cereal, protein bars and shakes. Anything eaten aside from that could get in the way of your weight loss. Your main meal should be chiefly low-fat with a sensible portion of protein.

The Four Special K Diet Plans

The Classic Plan is for people who like comfort food such as southwestern chili and cheese ravioli.

The Mix It Up plan is great for people who love gourmet food and who like diversity in their diet. While following the Mix It Up Plan you dine on meals like: Jamaican chicken with mashed sweet potatoes, or pork with pomegranate glaze.

The On-The-Go Plan works well for anyone who is too busy to spend a lot of time cooking and features dishes like the Mediterranean turkey sandwich or open-face roast beef sandwich.

The Chocolate Lovers Plan is… well, that speaks for itself. If you really have a difficult time staying on a diet because you don’t get your daily chocolate fix, this plan might work well for you. Throughout the day, you can have chocolaty Special K snacks and meal substitutions.

Foods to Avoid on the Special K Diet

1. Most importantly, avoid eating anything that is not listed in the diet plan. The Special K plans are somewhat regimented and eating anything not listed could interfere with your success.
2. Milk fat is not allowed. You can only have skim milk and skim milk products only. Avoid dairy products that are high in fat such as whole fat yogurts or cheeses.
3. Avoid fats such as butter, lard, trans fats and margarine. You may use a little oil in cooking, but preferably only cooking spray.
4. No bakery goods, such as doughnuts, breads, cakes and cookies.
5. No sugared soft drinks or juices. Also avoid fruit juices.
6. Avoid junk food such as chips, crackers, pretzels and cheese curls.
7. No candy is allowed.
8. Avoid canned fruit packed in sugar syrup. Try to opt for fresh fruit.
9. Stay away from meat that is high in fat, such as bacon, marbled red meat and sausages.
10. Ignore ice cream, frozen fruit bars, shakes and frozen soft drinks.
11. Avoid dips, salad dressings and guacamole.
12. Stay away from sweeteners such as sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, honey and syrups. You can satisfy your sweet tooth by eating the Special K products.
13. Chocolate. It’s best to stick with the chocolate provided by the Special K snack bars and cereals.


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