11 Foods to Avoid on the Better Choices Diet

The Better Choices diet helps you replace foods that are high in calories and lower in nutritional value with foods that contribute fewer calories but more nutrition. These foods may also help you feel full and less likely to crave worse foods later on in the day. The foods to focus on have fiber, antioxidants, create a fuller feeling with few calories, or contain vitamins and minerals. You also want to focus the diet on foods that don’t overly tax the digestive system and can be easily processed by the body. This helps you maximize the benefits of the calories you take in. Here is a list of 11 foods to avoid on the Better Choices diet.

1. White Flour

White flour slows the digestive system, spikes the blood sugar, and is filled with calories. This means avoiding most pastas, breads, and cereals. You can eat these things in moderation if they are made only from whole grain or even better a grain such as quinoa, amaranth, or buckwheat.

2. White Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup

These ingredients are very high in calories and are usually extremely processed. High fructose corn syrup requires more calories for the desired sweetness and has been implicated in many other problems. These ingredients hide in many foods. You have to read the labels.

3. Soda Pop

Full sugar soda gives you many calories with absolutely no nutrition. It also will make you want more sugar and is full of chemicals.

4. Whole Milk

Choose low-fat or non-fat milk instead and measure how much you are drinking. One cup of milk has over 100 calories.

5. Ice Cream

Ice cream is loaded with fat and sugars. Choose a cup of an all-natural smoothie with no added sugar or a half-cup of ice milk or non-fat frozen yogurt instead.

6. Whole Milk Cheese

There is a huge amount of fat in most cheese. Choose a low-fat version instead.

7. Excess Fruit Juice

A healthy serving of fruit juice is 1 – 1 1/2 cups a day because there is a lot of sugar in a drink that won’t fill you up that much. Choose a whole fruit instead so you get the fiber. Or choose a fruit juice like unsweetened acai and add Stevia to it for sweetness.

8. White Rice

White rice will spike the blood sugar and tax the digestion. Choose an unrefined brown rice or quinoa instead.

9. Fried Foods

Loaded with fat, fried foods also have many free radicals that can be dangerous to your health because most oil becomes rancid when cooked. Choose food that is lightly coated with whole grain bread crumbs or crushed raw nuts for crunch. Grilled or baked would be the better options.

10. Alcohol

A half cup of organic and sulfite-free red wine per day is fine. Any more than that adds many calories that are all sugar. You could also choose 8 oz of light beer.

11. Candy

Candy is full of processed sugar and often also has fat. Choose some grapes or a few breath mints or some sugar-free gum in moderation.


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