10 Superfoods Diet: Sample Meal Plan

There are at least 10 superfoods that most health professionals agree should be a consistent part of your diet. This list of foods includes ingredients that are not only healthy, but provide additional benefits to the body as well. Many people believe, and many studies have shown, that some of these foods can prevent cancer, reduce your risk of heart disease and even help your skin, weight, mood and energy level maintain optimum performance. Here are 10 superfoods that could significantly benefit your health:

  • blueberries
  • oats
  • yogurt
  • soy
  • spinach
  • turkey
  • salmon
  • tea
  • fiber
  • dark chocolate

1. Breakfast

Include a few of the 10 superfoods in your breakfast meal by eating a handful of blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C. This is an anti-inflammatory food that can also lower your risk of cancer and heart disease. You might also choose non-instant oatmeal for the benefits of lowering cholesterol, or yogurt, which has calcium, vitamin D and protein, as well as probiotics for healthy digestion and immune system function.

2. Lunch

Making lunch with one of the 10 superfoods can be a treat, depending upon how you prepare it. Choose a soy product, such as tofu, soy milk or edamame for lowering cholesterol. You could also prepare a salad with spinach leaves, since spinach and other dark leafy greens contain calcium, folic acid, vitamin K and iron. Spinach also has fiber, carotenoids, lutein and bioflavanoids. It can prevent certain types of cancer and keep your eyes healthy and strong. Another lunch choice could be turkey, which contains almost half the daily recommended allowance of folic acid, as well as vitamin B, zinc and potassium.

3. Dinner

To include a nice portion of some of the 10 superfoods in your dinner or suppertime meal, cook up some salmon or other fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These fish also include fatty, cold-water species like herring, sardines and mackerel. Try to buy wild and not farmed varieties. Omega 3s aid in lowering your risk of heart disease, reduces depression and helps to prevent or minimize the effects of arthritis. You can also get omega 3s from fortified eggs, flaxseeds and some types of nuts, including walnuts. Have a cup of tea with your meal to gain the added benefits of lowering cholesterol and preventing some types of cancer. Black tea and green tea are excellent choices.

4. Snack Time

It’s possible to follow a healthy plan at snack time by including some of these 10 superfoods to raise the bar on your health levels. You could choose a food containing fiber, such as fruit or vegetables. Sesame seeds are a good source of calcium, which is good for the teeth and bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. Pumpkin seeds have many benefits as well, including sources of magnesium and zinc, and properties which are anti-inflammatory, help to prevent kidney stones and may be used to treat parasites.

One of the superfoods that may be exciting to you and makes a great snack in moderation is dark chocolate. It’s loaded with antioxidants and can help to lower blood pressure. Look for chocolate that’s very dark and has the highest cocoa content possible.


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