10 Secrets Within The Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

Being a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose weight. However, by following a few simple guidelines, you can turn your vegetarian diet into a great vegetarian weight loss plan, while still enjoying delicious foods.

There are many vegetarian foods that are packed with fat, such as cheese and peanut butter, that can actually cause a vegetarian to gain weight. However, by following these simple rules, you can eat in moderation, enjoy a varied diet, and lose weight in the process.

Secret #1: Get Protein From Good Sources

Eat healthy protein choices such as:

  • nuts
  • dried beans 
  • peas 
  • lentils 
  • black beans

Beans can help you stay full longer, and most are available both canned and dry. Dry beans generally require overnight soaking, while canned varieties are quicker in prep time. However, many canned varieties have high sodium; look for products that state low sodium on the packaging.

Secret #2: Use Soy Products and Soy Alternatives

If you don’t eat any dairy products as part of your diet, try soy alternatives as a substitute for milk and milk-based products. Eat tofu. Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked in, and makes a great protein choice that is low in fat.

Secret #3: Avoid High Fat Foods

In moderation, foods like cheese, butter, mayo, and fried foods are okay, but avoid overindulging and eating them on a regular basis.

Secret #4: Avoid Sweet Beverages

Soda, sweet tea, and other sugary drinks have a lot of calories and no nutritional value. Drink water to stay hydrated and help keep you feeling fuller between meals.

Secret #5: Do Not Snack On Processed Foods and Candies

Snack foods like chips, pizza, and candy have little nutritional value. They add unwanted calories and do not provide your body with healthy nourishment.

Secret #6: Choose Whole Grains

Whenever possible eat whole grains to stay fuller for longer.

Secret #7: Eat Fruit

Fruit can help to satisfy hunger as well as your desire for something sweet. It is a healthy alternative to candy or other sweets that you may crave.

Secret #8: Take a Multivitamin Supplement

Taking a vitamin supplement everyday to fill any nutritional areas that you miss can greatly impact your nutritional intake and improve your overall health.

Secret #9: Don’t Be Afraid of Alternative Meat Products

There are many faux meat products on the market that are quite tasty. Ranging from vegetarian burgers to lunch meats to breakfast sausages, most of these products are low in fat and high in protein, making them an excellent choice for a healthy diet.

Secret #10: Plan Your Meals

Planning ahead of time, including shopping and prepping food in advance, can help significantly with your ability to remain on your diet and eat the healthy foods that your body needs.

Follow these 10 steps to help improve your vegetarian diet and begin losing weight and feeling great. Remember to keep an eye on your protein intake and eat a wide variety of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and simple grains, and you will notice the difference.


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