10 Popular Fruits and Their Calorie Count

Fruit is a popular snack. The calorie count is relatively low and it is good for the body. It’s recommended that a person eat two to four servings of fruits per day. It’s not difficult to do, as fruit is delicious and with so many varieties to choose from, most people like some type of it.

Fruit is an inexpensive snack that’s easy to take with you. Some of the most popular fruits with the lowest calorie count are watermelon, strawberries and cantaloupe.  Just one cup of these snacks range in calorie counts that are approximately 50.

Watermelon and Strawberries

Watermelon and strawberries are great healthy snacks. A one cup serving of watermelon cubes or whole strawberries are approximately 46 calories each. These are snacks that a person can eat a bunch of and only have to worry about consuming a small amount of calories. These are delicious in season. A fun activity is picking the strawberries yourselves.


Cantaloupe is another wonderful low calorie snack. A ripe cantaloupe is delectable and smells divine. One cup of this treat is about 54 calories. Cantaloupes can be eaten by themselves or with a mixture of different melons. Summer is the season to get the ripest cantaloupes.


Grapes are a fun snack that’s easy to take on the go. There are no peels to discard. They’re available all year round in the supermarkets. One cup of grapes are approximately 62 calories.


This sweet, delectable snack is a crowd pleaser. Peaches are delicious either canned or fresh. However, they can be grown at home also. Just make sure to plant two trees. Peaches need two trees to cross pollinate each other to bear fruit. Eating one cup of sliced peaches is only 66 calories.


Grilled or uncooked, this treat will help curb your hunger. Pineapple typically comes in cans, refrigerated chunks or whole. One cup of pineapple cubes is approximately 74 calories. It’s a fun activity to buy a whole pineapple. If you cut off the top and place in a dish of water, the top will root. If you live in a tropical climate, you can actually grow a pineapple plant from the top. Once rooted, place outside and it will thrive in the heat and sunshine.


Blueberries are a natural snack that is filled with good things for the body. These little powerhouses of flavor are easy to carry along. One cup of blueberries is about 83 calories.


Who can resist a good looking juicy orange for a snack? They’re packed with Vitamin C and boast alot of health benefits. A cup of orange slices has about 85 calories.


Nothing beats a fresh pear. They’re an appetizing way to finish the day. One cup of pears is estimated at 96 calories.


Raisins are delicious, but be aware one cup of these little numbers can equal 438 calories. They’re good for you, but eat them sparingly.

Fruit is a great option for a snack. They’re filling, healthy and some are loaded with fiber. They make the body healthy. Try to forget the sugary sweets and select one of your favorite fruits. A majority of fruits are low calorie, easy to carry and delicious.


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