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The national guidelines call for 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise most days of week to lose weight and keep it off, and maintain good health. You work full time, have a family to care for, and dogs to feed. Who has time to exercise? The good news is that you don’t have to exercise for an hour at a time. It’s ok to break it up into smaller segments, as long as you get it done. Short, 10 minute workouts can be easy to slip in here and there, and a few new DVDs make it even easier. We looked at the 10 Minute Solution and Women’s Health Total Workout in TEN.

We tried the 10 Minute Solution Slim and Sculpt Pilates DVD, which came with a resistance band. Each workout on this DVD is designed to target specific parts of your body. 10 Minute Solution workouts are just that – 10 minute workouts, and there are usually 5 workouts on each DVD. Don’t get too excited, you can’t get in shape by exercising just 10 minutes a day. You’ll need to do a few of them, either all at once or spread out over the course of the day. They are equally effective either way. You can choose the workouts that target your specific needs, and do them in any order. We took the easy route and spread the workouts apart throughout the day.

The first thing we noticed with the 10 Minute Solution Slim and Sculpt Pilates DVD was that the workouts were easy to follow. The moves were fluid and gentle, and almost every move could be accomplished regardless of body size. Not many fitness DVDs can say that! The second thing we noticed was that each workout was over in the blink of an eye! It was fast, but it was effective and we could feel the burn. Using the resistance bands ensured that we could continue to use the DVD as our strength increased. Workouts included upper body pilates, lower body pilates, pilates for abs, total body pilates, and pilates for flexibility.

Next, we tried the 10 Minute Solution Dance it Off DVD, which also came with a resistance band. The workouts are a step up in intensity from the pilates workout above. However, they are still suitable for larger ladies as well as more fit chicks. Workouts include a sexy slim down, high energy fat burner, dancer’s abs, upper body tone up, and buns and thighs sculpt.

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women's health total body workout in tenWe also tried Women’s Health Total Workout in 10. This was definitely a higher intensity total body workout. It might not be the best workout for someone very overweight or out of shape. But if you crave something that challenges your body and still want to take advantage of a 10 minute workout, this DVD is for you. You’ll need a set of 3 pound weights to use for some of the movements, and a floor mat would also be handy. The DVD includes four 10 minute workouts including cardio blasts to burn fat, upper body training, lower body training, and flexibility and balance moves to firm abs. The instructor, Amy Dixon, is very enthusiastic and explains each step well. You can also follow along with Beth, who shows us lower impact versions of the same moves. Overall, we liked this DVD but did find it more challenging for our fitness level. Still, it’s just 10 minutes and will get you on your way to a fit body! You can view sample clips from this DVD on the Women’s Health website. Scroll down on that page and you’ll find a link to enter to win a copy of this DVD!

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