10 Ingredients for Easy Vegan Recipes

There are many easy vegan recipes that can help you improve your health and feel great! Eating a vegan diet doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some special planning and some creativity. It’s important to be open-minded about trying new ingredients you might not have heard of before. It’s best if you can buy organic ingredients and eat as much raw food as possible.

There are many recipes you’ll love that are still easy on the digestion. Check with your doctor and consult with a registered nutritionist to learn about any personal risks of going vegan and to learn about portion control and cooking ideas. Here are 10 ingredients to start with.

1. Quinoa

This is an ancient grain that is packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients. It’s easy to prepare and has a nutty taste. It’s incredibly versatile, too. You can find quinoa pasta, quinoa flour for baking and red quinoa. It’s great with stir fries and in soups.

2. Organic Tofu

Tofu gives valuable protein for a vegan diet. It’s important to buy organic and to assess how your body reacts to tofu. It’s also important to use it in moderation, since soy can be hard on the digestion for some.

3. Tempeh

Tempeh is another great source of protein for a vegan. It can be bought in different forms and added to salads or cooked in a stir fry.

4. Raw and Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds provide valuable protein. If you sprout them, the body can utilize this protein even more effectively. To sprout your nuts and seeds, just soak them in water for 3-4 hours. Good choices include almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. Nuts and seeds can be made into a paste or a cereal.

5. Raw Almond or Cashew Butter

Raw nut butters contain less free radicals and less sugar and other additives than roasted nut butters.

6. Tahini

This is a creamy, buttery substance made from sesame seeds. Combine with a raw nut butter, some garlic, lemon juice and warm water for a fantastic sauce.

7. Brown Rice Cakes

These make a great snack and work well with the raw nut butters. They come in different varieties and can be great with flavored tofu or vegetables.

8. Brown Rice Pasta

This healthy version of an old favorite is great with your favorite spaghetti sauce and broccoli, onions and garlic.

9. Yellow or White Miso

Miso adds a lot of flavor to soup recipes and salad dressings. It’s healthful, and you don’t have to use very much so it’s cost effective.

10. Carrots

All vegetables are great to have in any vegan kitchen. But, carrots in particular are incredibly versatile. They can add sweetness to soups and can be shredded or eaten whole.


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