10 Healthy Hair Tips

Here are 10 healthy hair tips to improve your hair’s overall strength and health. There are many things you can do to improve the health of your hair and you can start right now with these tips.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the most important ways to keep a head full of healthy, strong hair is to start from within. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will keep hair growing strong. Beans, fish, and almonds are great to incorporate into your diet as well as supplements such as vitamin B and calcium.  

2. Cut Down on Chemicals

Try to cut down on the amount of chemicals that you allow on your hair. Chemicals from perms, relaxers, and color treatments can cause serious damage to your hair. Even if you do not see it at that moment, it could lead to long-term damage on your hair, causing thinning and breakage.

3. Use the Right Tools

You might not realize that the combs and brushes that you use could be promoting unhealthy hair. Use combs that have wide teeth and avoid the ones that are tiny because they tend to pull out more hair. When choosing a brush, select one that has protective rubber tips on the ends.

4. Avoid Heat

Heat is one of the biggest reasons why people suffer from consistent hair damage. Blow drying, flat ironing, hot combing, and curling your hair too much will indeed cause damage resulting in breakage.

5. Try Not to Scratch

If you have itchy hair, avoid scratching. Buy anti-itch and dandruff products that could relieve your scalp problems. If over-the-counter products fail you, then see a dermatologist.

6. Conditioning is Key

Be sure to always condition your hair after washing. Shampoo is actually for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair. Condition your hair as much as possible and try to deep condition your hair weekly. 

7. Trim Frequently

If you have any split ends, it is important to cut them before they continue to split right up to the hair follicle. By trimming your hair on a regular basis as needed, you keep your healthy hair maintained and free from breakage. 

8. Stay Moisturized

Dry hair is not healthy. You hair needs moisture just as your body does. Keep hair moisturized daily. Depending on your hair type, you might have to moisturize more or less often. Experiment with different types of moisturizers that won’t weight down your hair.

9. Sleep Right

At night, your hair has to be protected. Do not go to sleep with wet hair because that will lead to friction that could cause damage. If you have drier hair, be sure to cover your hair at night with a silk head wrap to prevent any damage.

10. Use the Right Products

The right products are key to healthy hair. Not every product works for everyone, but you have to buy and experiment with different brands to see which one works for you. The best way to get the best product is to try it for yourself. 


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