10 Foods You Didn't Know Contained Gluten

Gluten is a protein contained in wheat derived foods. It is a major cause of dietary distress for those who suffer from an inability to properly digest the protein; this is called Celiac Disease. If you suffer from Celiac Disease, you will need to avoid all foods which contain this protein. This equals an obvious need to avoid breads and cereals, as well as any other rye or wheat made foods, but you will also need to be vigilant in checking labels, as gluten can be included in even the most unlikely of foods such as these 10:

1. Sausages

Sausage meat is often the leftover cuts at the butcher, ground and constituted with other ingredients, including wheat derived crumbs or powders. This is done to give texture to the meat and help make it more flavorsome. Gluten is often going to be found hiding in products with added extras for flavor.

2. Gravy

Gravy, whether it is traditional or peppered, contains gluten. Gluten is found within the granules that make the powder and provide the consistency. 

3.  Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is made from both soya and wheat at a ratio of near 50%. Wheat is the main source of gluten.

4. Baked Beans

Baked beans are not the hidden source of gluten; it is the tomato based sauces that the beans are canned in. Washing the sauce off can remove the gluten, however, a safer option is to buy plain beans and flavor them yourself.

5. Curry Powder

This is the wheat thickener that gives curry powder its creaminess. Most spice recipe bases are wheat laced to provide consistency and bulk.

6. Luncheon Meats

Luncheon meats are meats that can be bought over the counter at the butcher or delicatessen. They include ham, roast beef, polony and more. Usually meat does not contain gluten, however, the processed sort such as polony or ham has gluten added during the manufacturing process. Unprocessed meats, whilst gluten free, still run the risk of being contaminated by the slicer at the butcher’s.

7.  Soups

Packet, canned and most pre-packaged soups contain wheat thickeners to give the soup body and flavor. The only safe soup is homemade with non-gluten ingredients used, including the stock.

8. Ice Cream

Gluten is present in ice cream, as the dessert has a starch mixed into the cream during the manufacturing process. Any ice cream with added extras, such as cookie bits or chocolate sauce, will have gluten thanks to the additives.

9. Meat Pastes

Meat paste or pate is a spreadable form of ground meat. To keep it from going off, it has additives such as starch and yeast, which are gluten rich.

10. Instant Rice

Rice is widely believed to be gluten free; it is the way the rice is manufactured and packaged that can contain hidden gluten. Saucy or creamed versions have glutinous starches included, as do the microwave rices that require no boiling to be prepared.


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