10 Foods to Avoid on the Plant Based Diet

A plant based diet has been shown to prevent many common ailments, such as the common cold, flu and fever. It can also prevent more serious diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The reason the plant based diet is so good for you is because it helps you to eliminate unhealthy saturated fats and empty calorie foods.

All your foods come from plants and should be consumed mostly raw in order to get the most nutrition from them. However, this diet does not restrict cooking or baking, as long as you refrain from animal products and unnatural food additives.


All meats should be avoided on the plant based diet. This includes beef, poultry, pork and fish. All the nutrients that these meats provide can also be obtained from a raw plant based diet. Protein is found is nuts as well as in leafy green vegetables and fruits. The omega oils that fish provide can also be obtained from nuts as well as from avocados.


Dairy is a good source of calcium, but that mineral can also be obtained from plants. Dark leafy green vegetables, such as kale, collards, dandelion greens and spinach, are excellent sources of calcium.


Eggs should also be avoided, as the nutrients are easily replaced with a plant based diet–and without the high amounts of bad cholesterol that eggs contain.

Commercial Bread

Commercial bread, including the freshly baked bread at your local bakery, is another food that you will have to avoid This is because most breads contain food additives, eggs and other animal fats. 

Fast Foods

Fast foods are highly processed and are very unhealthy for you to consume. Even most salads that you can order contain processed salad dressings that you should avoid.


Condiments, like salad dressings, sauces, relishes, mayonnaise and ketchup, are also processed and combined with unnatural ingredients.

Empty Calorie Foods

These are foods like chips, donuts, cookies, cakes, chocolate bars and candy. All of these foods either contain artificial ingredients, such as sweeteners, or highly refined or processed ingredients.

Commercially Packaged Drinks

Sodas and most fruit drinks, including frozen fruit concentrates, contain artificial sweeteners and other unnatural additives that you should avoid on the plant based diet. To replace those drinks, simply invest in a juicer and make your own nutrient rich juices in your kitchen.

Commercially Canned Foods

Commercially canned foods usually contain preservatives or other artificial ingredients that are not plant based, and should be avoided. These include canned soups, broths, fruits and vegetables, meats and pastas. You can make your own tasty soups as well as broths from scratch for all your cooking needs.

Packaged Foods

Most packaged foods also contain ingredients or additives that are not plant based. This includes food kits, like macaroni and burrito kits, as well as most frozen entrees, frozen fries and pizzas.

The plant based diet may take some getting used to, but after eliminating all the sugary and fatty foods from your diet, your taste buds will come back to life!


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