10 Foods that Cause Indigestion and Weight Gain

Cultural food habits, genetic make-up and/or improper food combining are a few of the causes of indigestion. The foods you eat are usually the culprit and many of these same foods cause weight gain. Avoiding certain choices may very well decrease, and in some cases eliminate, this two-fold result. Knowing what to avoid is the golden ticket, however it can vary from person to person. Below is a list of common foods that cause indigestion and weight gain. It is best to try each food separate from the others to see how your body will react. Each individual’s chemistry processes her food differently therefore finding what effects you most is usually the first line of defense to higher quality health.


Dairy has long been a staple in the mainstream American diet. It is found in everything from baked goods to candy and more. Unfortunately, after about the age of three an essential enzyme (lactase) that breaks down dairy is considered no longer needed by the body. Evolution has enabled most humans to continue breaking down dairy past toddler-hood despite its potential ill effects. However, you may benefit from limiting your milk and cheese intake as dairy is notorious for causing weight gain and bloating as the body desperately tries to digest its many different components. Try to choose dairy sparingly and see if there is some improvement to your health. These foods are best avoided or eliminated altogether:

1. Processed cheese – Inexpensive processed cheese may contain fillers, antibiotics and low quality ingredients that can easily block the digestive tract. The result is backed up gas released as flatulence, belching and reflux. In turn, over-consumption forces the body to store the high fat content that it is unable to fully utilize causing weight gain.

2. Whole milk – this has a similar effect as cheese although the sugar, lactose, is more prevalent and difficult to digest causing the aforementioned difficulties.


Sugar, Carbohydrates and Trans-Fats

Refined white sugar is another offender of the gastrointestinal tract and fat accumulation. When insulin is released to deal with sugar, it causes it to be stored and blood sugar levels to drop which creates more cravings. The more you dump into your system the more indigestion and weight gain will result. This cycle can be never ending and end up a potential time bomb for your health. Stay away from:

3. Soda – In addition to the high sugar content, the carbonation will add to indigestion.

4. Donuts – Sugar aside, these are trans-fat belly busters.

5. Potatoes – The body converts potatoes into starchy sugars capable of wreaking havoc on your system.

6. Alcohol – Alcohol ferments in the system producing sugars and free radicals.

7. Pasta – White flour pasta is stripped of most of its nutrients causing the body to pass it through after breaking down the leftover sugars. And indigestion is exacerbated from the highly acidic red sauce that typically accompanies pasta.

Fried Food

The body cannot process the trans-fats in deep fried foods, causing it to stuff them into your hips and belly. This is, of course, after you belch and release gas hours after your meal. Stay away from:

8. French fries

9. Fried chicken

10. Fallafel







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