10 Elegant Low Fat Desserts

There are countless low fat desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, even if you are trying to cut back on the fat in your diet. Here is a sampling of some of the most elegant and easy to put together low fat desserts to tempt you:

Low Fat Dessert #1: Berry Sorbet

If berries are in season, this is the way to eat them. You don’t need an ice cream maker to make this and it is a great way to encourage eating fruit. Using blueberries, raspberries or strawberries (or all three), water, sugar and salt, this is a simple and delicious end to any meal.

Low Fat Dessert #2: Low Fat Cheesecake

Using low fat and nonfat cream cheese and low fat cottage cheese, you can create a delicious low fat version of decadent cheesecake. Top it with seasonal berries for added flair and natural sugar.

Low Fat Dessert #3: Low Fat Key Lime Bars

Combining low fat graham cracker crumbs, light cream cheese and fat-free sweetened condensed milk with key lime is a must-have low fat combination. This makes a refreshing dessert on hot summer nights and hides its low fat nature.

Low Fat Dessert #4: Lemon and Blackberry Parfaits

Combining lemon pudding, nonfat milk, fat free whipped topping and blackberries creates this quick and easy dessert that has seasonal flair and great coupling of flavor. Serve them in a fancy glass to dress them up.

Low Fat Dessert #5: Low Fat Peach Tarts

Phyllo dough and ripe peaches make an outstanding pair in this flaky tart. They make a great pair with low fat frozen yogurt or a fat free whipped topping.

Low Fat Dessert #6: Coconut Macaroons

Shredded coconut, nonfat condensed milk and egg whites make an excellent low fat variation for this favorite dessert. Quick and easy, these cookies are sure to please your taste buds and quest for low fat desserts.

Low Fat Dessert #7: Cinnamon Apples

Cook apples in the oven or a slow cooker, smothered in cinnamon and brown sugar. This is the perfect cool night dessert to pair with a nonfat yogurt or a fat free whipped topping.

Low Fat Dessert #8: Cherry Pecan Biscotti

A great after dinner dessert to be served with coffee, these biscotti are packed with dried tart cherries and pecans for a robust flavor. Easy to make, these are a nice “adult” cookie that will impress your guests.

Low Fat Dessert #9: Pears Baked in Wine

This simple sweet treat includes Bosc pears cooked in Reisling (or any other fruity white wine) with honey, cinnamon, bay leaves and orange zest. Unique flavors combine in this warm dessert, and it’s great over nonfat ice cream or yogurt.

Low Fat Dessert #10: Baked Custard and Raspberry Puree

This is a great ending to any meal. Frozen raspberries and frozen egg substitute creates this delectable cool dessert.

Don’t give up your sweet tooth just because you are on a diet. Practice moderation and enjoy the occasional dessert low fat style.


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