10 Benefits of Weighted Dumbbells

Incorporating weighted dumbbells will help you achieve maximum results from your workout plan. Here are ten benefits of incorporating weighted dumbbells into your daily workout.

1. Quick Results

Weighted dumbbells are a great option for people who like fast results. This is a great way to work out when you want to see quick results in little time.

2. Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

If you are worried about developing osteoporosis, it would be a great idea to start working out with dumbbells. To help stop the weakening of the bones and loss of density, incorporate weight-bearing exercise with dumbbells into your workout a few times a week.  

3. Easy to Store

Dumbbells are very easy to store after a workout. This may not seem important at first, but after dealing with tons of gym equipment, dumbbells are much easier to store. You can get the same results with dumbbells and also have much more space in your home. This is important if you live with children and need extra space, or if you just don’t like the way workout machines look in your home.

4. Raises Metabolism Rate

While using weighted dumbbells, you increase your basic metabolic rate. By having an increased metabolic rate, you can continue to burn fat while you are working out and when the body is at rest.

5. Helps with Natural Elbow Movement

Exercises with dumbbells can help the natural movement of the elbow. Using movement of the joints with weighted dumbbells can strengthen the joints and the ease of natural movement.

6. Can Be Used Anywhere

Since dumbbells are smaller than workout machines, they are easy to take on the go. You can use them in your office, on a quick jog, or they can be easily transported to a workout class. Unlike workout machines, dumbbells don’t weigh a ton and can be moved around very easily.

7. Helps Lose Unwanted Fat

Weighted dumbbells are a great way to burn off extra fat. When using the dumbbells, you are building muscle. The extra calories that are being lost through exercise help maintain the muscles. Weight training 15 minutes a day can make a huge change in your body, including increased muscle production and continuous fat loss.

8. Gives a More Complete Workout

Adding weight to your normal workout routines brings another layer of intensity to exercising. This gives you the opportunity to get a more complete workout and the chance to burn more carbs.

9. Works Various Stabilizing Muscles

Weighted dumbbells help stabilize many muscles in the body, which in turn helps with movement in the joints and the overall health of your body. With strong muscle and joint health, you will be less prone to injuries and will have a more youthful and healthy body.

10. Versatility

You can use dumbbells in a variety of different types of exercises depending on your target area. They can be used in speed walking, jogging, squats, bench press, butterflies and many more exercises. 


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