Diet versus Exercise for Weight Loss

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer Research With excess weight a greater problem than ever, the question of whether changing eating habits or exercise is more likely to produce weight loss is vital. A new study confirms the overall research findings that dietary change specifically eating less fat produces more weight loss […]

How Long Should it Cook on the Grill?

Meat Weight or Thickness Cooking Time Indirect Heat Cooking Time Medium Direct Heat Chicken Half 1 1/2 pounds 1 to 1/4 hours or until tender and no pink remains 40 to 50 minutes or until tender and no pink remains Chicken Breast Half skinned and boned 4 ounces each 15 to 18 minutes or until […]

Shangri-La Diet by Seth Roberts

How would you like to lose weight just by taking a spoonful of sugar or oil twice a day, without adding exercise or going on a special diet? Seth Roberts says it’s possible and has lost weight with his method. He has dubbed his unique diet “Shangri-La” and believes it’s a simple and enlightening idea […]

4,000 Dieters Share the BEST Weight Loss Diets!

All diets work, if you stick to them. Most successful dieters tell us that they lost weight and kept it off by doing their own thing. They learned from personal experience, and devised a personal plan they could live with. Other dieters do best when they follow a structured diet which they can learn from, […]

The Fat Smash Diet by Ian K. Smith

The Fat Smash Diet, written by Ian K. Smith, is a 90 day diet consisting of 4 phases which build upon each other. They are appropriately named detox, foundation, construction, and the temple. Smith stresses the importance of exercise throughout the program, and includes plenty of advice in that direction. This is refreshing, considering that […]

The South Beach Diet Cookbook

By Arthur Agatston Publisher: Rodale Books; (April 13, 2004) The South Beach Diet book, by Dr. Arthur Agatston, was published in April, 2003. The book quickly topped the Best Seller list, and the diet plan claims a high success rate, helping millions of people lose weight. The diet limits certain foods, such as saturated fats […]

Polymeal Diet

The Polymeal Diet isn’t as much of a weight loss diet as it is a healthy heart diet. However, you will probably lose weight on the Polymeal Diet because you will be replacing fattening, unhealthy foods with better choices. You can apply the principles of the Polymeal to any diet plan, including Weight Watchers, South […]

Kashi GoLEAN

The Kashi GoLEAN plan is based on Kashi brand products. Kashi makes cereals and snacks that are whole grained, all natural, low in fat and high in fiber. We consider this as a Commercial Diet Program because the plan requires continuous purchase of their products for the duration of your diet. THE GoLEAN PLAN: * […]

Mayo Clinic Diet

There is no such thing as the Mayo Clinic Diet The Mayo Clinic has stressed many times that they did not create this fad diet, nor do they recommend it to anyone. The diet is not nutritionally sound. It may result in a quick weight loss, but the weight will be gained back quickly. You […]