More Studies Link Lack of Sleep to Overweight

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer Research As the numbers of obese continue to rise, researchers are exploring the possible connection between obesity and how too many of us -both adults and children- are getting too little sleep. A recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association observed that a […]


Following a nutritious and balanced diet can take time and dedication to prepare menus, shop, cook, and stick to it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would do it all for you? Several diet programs can do just that. They will prepare your menus, cook the food, and ship it to you. All you need […]

Light, Lite, Low? What do the nutrition labels mean?

Food labels may claim the item is light, lite, or low in sugars or fats. What does this mean? The FDA has established guidelines for nutrient descriptives so that manufacturers claims will have meaning. Below are the current FDA guidelines: Sugar Sugar free: less than 0.5 grams (g) per serving No added sugar, Without added […]

How Long to Cook Whole Grains

According to the new USDA Pyramid, we should get at least half of our daily grains in the form of whole grains instead of refined. Many whole grains are a mystery to us because we’re just not that used to them. Some take a very long time to cook, so if you don’t prepare in […]

Cabbage Soup Diet

The premise of this diet is that your body burns more calories digesting this soup than it contains. This is a myth! You will probably lose weight with this diet, because it is extremely low in calories. However, most of weight loss will be water or lean mass, and you will regain it quickly. The […]

Dean Ornish Plan

Dr. Dean Ornish has been promoting his diet for many years. His primary goal was to help reduce heart disease, and weight loss seemed to be a perk to his plan. The Ornish program promotes a vegetarian lifestyle, includes 10% fat, recommends stress management and exercise as part of this lifestyle change. The diet can […]

Hollywood Diet

This is essentially a juice fast. Order a 32 oz bottle of fruit juice for as much as $24.95 and consume nothing but juice and water for 48 hours. They claim you can lose up to 10 pounds in 2 days. Unrealistic weight loss claims, and the use of the word “miracle” should alert you […]

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig, Inc., was founded in 1983. They are located in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. The basis of the plan is weekly consultations, and prepackaged foods. The program offers two major membership levels, Platinum and Gold. The Platinum Membership includes: Weight Loss Support * Private, weekly weight loss Consultations * […]

Sonoma Diet

What if we could tell you that you could lose weight without counting calories or shunning carbs, and everything on your plate would be delicious? Welcome to the Sonoma Diet. This new diet is based on the age-old Mediterranean Diet, which is well know for good health, but isn’t exactly a weight loss diet. The […]