Don’t Even Think About Losing Weight By Doing This…

The weight loss fad is an on-going trend that millions of workout enthusiasts try to conquer as part of their customized exercise regimens. While losing weight is a definitive goal, it’s important to realize that weight loss will not happen overnight. Rather, it’s a steady process that requires commitment to intense bouts of exercise, and […]


Is Spot Reduction a Myth?

The concept of “spot reduction,” that is, the seeming phenomenon of being able to concentrate fat loss in a particular segment of the body, is impossible to accomplish. This popular myth is shared among a decent percentage of active gym-goers. While it could simply be a psychological ploy that some exercise enthusiasts may adopt for […]


8 Stunning Salt Alternatives

Sodium, the nutrient we get from salt, is necessary and good for you. It’s an electrolyte that helps regulate electrical impulses and water retention. Too much salt, though, can cause problems with blood pressure, makes you retain too much water (bloating, yuck), and creates kidney problems, just for starters. You might need to cut back […]


The 4 Best Arm Exercises

It’s almost summer time! How are you preparing for the season of tank tops and T-shirts? While it is impossible to “spot reduce” body fat (i.e. losing fat specifically from one part of your body) you can definitely give your arms a little bit of a boost by developing the muscles that will help you […]


3 Reasons to Try a Plus-Sized Gym

The essential concept of the plus-sized gym is to eradicate “gymtimidation,” allowing those struggling with weight loss, and those who might be self-conscious about their bodies, to exercise in an environment that doesn’t boast beefy weightlifters and magazine-esque ab obsessors. While improving appearance might be your ultimate goal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most […]


The 9 Dumbest Diets

There are plenty of reasons why most reasonable people will tell you to make a “lifestyle change” to lose weight instead of starting a diet. One of those reasons, of course, is that some diets are completely goo-goo-bazonkers crazy. As long as there are people who want to trim a few pounds, there will be […]


The 4 Best Leg Exercises

Hips, legs, and booty are the trifecta of trouble areas for so many people. While targeting certain areas specifically will NOT guarantee fat loss from that area (remember that you can’t pick and choose where you lose your weight, just like you can’t pick and choose where you gain it!) working these large muscle groups […]