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Sebright 02-05-2014 11:00 AM

Worth doing without a scale?
Hi All,

I'm currently 5 months post-partum (second child) and am having a heck of time getting rid of the last (estimated) 10 pounds and have that glorious, hangy pregnancy pooch that is driving me crazy.

I'm generally a very healthy eater and in retrospect have not had weight issues in a long time. Back in school I was fairly obsessed with maintaining my weight and really feel like I ventured into disordered eating territory (weighing myself at least once a day, adjusting my food intake accordingly) but never got down to my desired weight. After years of driving myself crazy, I threw away my scale and now only weigh myself once or twice a year and am generally much happier. It's just that right now I don't like how my body feels and I need something different to inspire me. I need to shake things up.

My question is this - I'm thinking of joining ww online just to give myself something to focus on but am uninterested in weighing myself - is it worth joining WW or would it be a waste of money for me?

Thanks for reading and thanks for any opinions and help you are willing to give.

Serenity100 02-05-2014 05:06 PM

Hi, I think it is great you want to lose that last ten pounds the healthy way. I think WW online still has a special for three months. You pay for three months, and it is much less expensive than paying per month. If you have a smart phone you will love it. The entire website is one huge "community". You probably will be able to hook up with some new moms. Also activity is stressed on WW and there are probably all sorts of articles on flattening your tummy.

Don't worry about weighing yourself. Have a pair of skinny jeans you want to fit into. When they look great, your job will be done.:D

Sebright 02-08-2014 01:12 PM

Thanks for your answer!

Yeah I don't have a smart phone which is another reason I was hesitating - the program seems very app based.

I did, however, go ahead and join. I have a sneaking feeling I've been eating more cheese and carbs than I used to (cause hey- I'm breastfeeding! :)) and it will be good to use the tracker just to see it.

You are right about the goal jeans! I had a favorite pair of jeans before my first kid was born and they just never quite fit right again after that. I'm probably 15 pounds away from them now and I'm planning on using them as my measurement.

DrivenByAmbition 02-08-2014 01:33 PM

The three month promotion should give you enough time to lose that amount of weight. Please come post with us, we have a lot of people who are supportive and give advice which will help you with your new ww lifestyle.

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