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MaryB75 05-26-2011 12:30 PM

This was so easy the first time :-(
I am getting really frustrated with myself. About 6 years ago I went from 168 lbs to 120 lbs using WW's. I didn't go to meetings, just bought the material and stuck to it. I kept the weight of till about 1.5 years ago and have since gotten up to 179 lbs. I am paying for the online WW's and just never seem to stick to it. I see pictures of the way I looked a couple of years ago and know I'd love to feel that great again. I just don't understand why it is so hard to stick to it this time. Has anyone ever gone through this or does anyone have any ideas on the best way to get my motivation back? :tantrum:

nationalparker 05-26-2011 12:45 PM

I don't know that it's the motivation, but rather the follow-through. I'm making very slow progress with ww now despite having lost a lot on it about 13 years ago ... I'm guessing my metabolism is a bit of a factor this time around, too. I know before I just knew I had to follow through to get the weight off and did what I needed to do. Now I need that same mentality - to steal from Nike - Just DO it :) That's what I keep telling myself. Just do it - don't overthink it, don't wait for the excitement to keep up, etc.

Are there specific times that you're having trouble sticking to it - evenings, weekends, mornings? or just in general?

MaryB75 06-01-2011 05:42 PM

That is awesome that you kept it off for 13 years! My mentality is definitey different than it was 6 years ago too.
I'm sure you're right and my metabolism isn't great anymore. The times that seem to be the hardest for me is in the evenings and weekends. Times that I am with my husband mostly. It's not that he's not supportive, he really is. We've just gotten into these habits of eating and drinking certain things and that is hard to break. Then I come from a huge family that all live close together. On weekends there seems to always be something going on. Again, if I were to say that I couldn't have something because I'm on WW's everyone would understand and try to have other options. So it really should be easier to do than this.

Lovely 06-01-2011 06:11 PM

Yeah, it's more about making a commitment to it than actually starting.

Well... starting something is obviously good, but we're not always gonna feel like doing the right things. We just have to do the right things anyways.

It's like... doing the dishes, brushing your teeth, paying the bills. I don't always feel like doing the dishes, but if I never did them I'd have a house full of dirty dishes.

At some point you have to sit down, commit to a change and then follow through. Change one thing about the evening snacks you choose. Measure them out. Or refuse to eat in front of the TV. Make a substitution. Go from chips to Light Popcorn to munch on. Or full sugar soda to diet soda.

Remember that events with your family are about the family not about the food. It sounds like you've got a ton of support available to you, which is amazing. Use it. Tell people you're using WW. Tell them you're really trying to watch out for that stuff.

You don't have to dive back in head first. You can dip a toe in by committing to something small this week. Track your food... even if you go over the points. Re-learning to write down your food and keep an eye on it is a big step. Or do some fun activity a few times this week. Something you know you can succeed at in order to build up to more later on.

You can get back into it =)

MaryB75 06-01-2011 07:53 PM

Thank you very much for your advice. It all makes sense and tracking is something that i was very persistent about the first time around.

I actually talked to my husband this morning and told him that I need his help. I just need him to make it a little easier by not suggesting us going out for margaritas or eating unhealthy, but good foods for dinner. He understood and said he is even willing to try the recipes I find on WW's. I just explained to im that I am miserable and need to put the same effort into it as before.

I've never been one to go to the meetings but maybe having this forum to talk to people with the same goal will help.

DandyDiva 06-03-2011 12:06 PM

I lost 60 pounds three years ago and since getting married have put every bit of it back. Its hard to get back in the swing of things but not only do you have to get others to support you but you have to advocate for yourself even if everyone else wants a snack or drink yo cant have. You Have to choose to save points for special days with your family, or just enjoy there company with your own food. Sometimes I even eat before I go somewhere, track for one or two drinks and make them last. No one knows but me what im doing, and sometimes my DH is in n the plan too. Hope that helps. Maybe you need a buddy in the same boat as you?

MaryB75 06-03-2011 12:45 PM

I did lose the weight before I got married but I think what really caused me to gain it all back was that I quit smoking 2 years ago. You are so right about having to advocate for myself. I keep remembering how easy it was to say, I'll go get a Subway Sandwich while everyone else was eating other things. The food my family makes will be way too hard to figure points on so it was always easier to bring my own food and just spend time with them. A buddy in the same boat would probably help a lot.

DandyDiva 06-03-2011 12:56 PM

I'll be your buddy....

MaryB75 06-03-2011 02:36 PM

Thank you :) I think that will be very helpful

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