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WW Food and Point Issues ...other than recipes

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Default How do you divide your points?

How do you divide up your points? Do you try to do the same amount for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

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Dinner is usually my highest meal. I usually have 4-5 pts. for breakfast, 8-9 pts for lunch and the remaining for dinner and snacks. I get 30/day.

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I get 26 points and usually have 11 points shared between breakfast & lunch
and have 11 for dinner, then 4 for any snacks. Try and keep the extra pp for weekends or special outtings.
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I get 36 points per day.
5-6 for breakfast
8-9 for lunch
10-12 for dinner
The rest is divided up between snacks throughout the day. Though I will admit, I often eat only 33-34 points. Somedays 36 is just too much.

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I usually have 6 for breakfast and between 6 and 8 for lunch and the balance of the 29 points for the rest of the day. I am thinking I may need more at lunch since I am getting the munchies late afternoon. Perhaps up the protein.
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I do WW (wendie plan style) and IF (intermittent fasting) so I usually just have 2 big meals with a couple snacks in between. The big meals are approximately 10-12pts each, snacks 3-5 pts each.
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I'm allowed 41 pts per day right now. Between breakfast & lunch I eat 10-11 points and the rest I save for dinner / evening because that's when I seem to be the hungriest.
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On a normal day, I use between 6-8pts per meal and with only 26pts a day it's hard sometimes! But I always make sure to use the Points Allowance only for a meal if it's a bit higher in points than I'm used to especially when I'm not at home and have gone to a friends or family's house for dinner
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Last time I did weight watchers my largest meal was dinner and my smallest was breakfast. This time when I sign up again I'm going to try using an even amount of points for my meals and fruit for snacks. I had too many problems with hunger last time.
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Breakfast is usually 3-5. Lunch is 7-12. Dinner is the rest. I get 31 points, fixing to be 30.
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I just joined WW and am allowed 26 points. Is that low?
I have about 5 for breakfast and lunch, 10 for dinner and 6 for snacks.

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Right now I get 32. Breakfast is 8-10, Lunch about 10, Dinner 10-13. The rest is for snacks, but I have found a bigger protein filled breakfast means I don't need as many snacks.

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I was curious about this too so thanks for posting!
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I get 26 points daily.

I use about 6 points for break/lunch/dinner and then the rest for snacks, drinks.

Karen - 26 is the lowest WW goes now, so no it's not too low if that's what they calculated for you. I started at 28 points... ahhh good times.
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My leader suggest using half your points for breakfast and lunch and the other half for dinner and snacks. That works out well for me.

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